Presque Isle, Maine Nurse Fired for Refusing Vax, Reveals Trend of Coercion & Deception at Hospital – WFFJ-TV Documentary –

October 6, 2021


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By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 6, 2021

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine—Stephanie Grandy, R.N. was fired from Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital (formerly TAMC) for attempting to bring clarity to skewed media reporting and tactics where the hospital allegedly gamed the COVID numbers in order to generate fear, and used coercion to bully the public into begrudgingly accepting the COVID-19 experimental gene therapy drugs masquerading as 'vaccines.'

   “I believe in being honest, I believe in not lying to the press and hyping up the numbers to scare the general public into taking a ‘vaccine’ that is brand new that we don't know anything about,” said Grandy, who has been a nurse for three and a half years, in an exclusive Fort Fairfield Journal Television interview.   “I don't think that it was right to coerce staff and to make it look like the hospital was overrun by COVID patients when that was simply not the truth.”

   Grandy, and her family, moved to Presque Isle to take a job at the hospital in November, 2020 - just before Maine’s December,  COVID “surge,” which appears to have been purposefully designed and timed to up-sell the experimental gene therapy drugs masquerading as 'vaccines' before they hit the market in late December, 2020.

     She and her family were guided out of the large city of Ashville, North Carolina by divinely inspired dreams her husband was having which impelled them to make Maine their new home.    Hospital administration paid her a $6,000 relocation bonus but recently demanded she return $4,500 of it after they fired her as their Wound and Ostomy Specialist.  While they “officially” terminated her employment after less than a year for “refusing the COVID 'vaccine',” she believes it was for her attempting to bring to light the coercive treatment of an elderly patient who was refusing the vaccine, as well as the hospital’s subtle, deceptive finagling of COVID hospitalization numbers and an aggressive treatment of those who sought after religious or medical exemption waivers from the gene therapy medical experiments.

      Her first impressions of the area and hospital were favorable.  “We instantly felt at home.  We loved this small town and felt like it was meant to be.    I thought this was a small hospital, they really care about their patients.  I was impressed by the president of the hospital, how he would be visible.  He was approachable, visible in the halls, I noticed that he parks at the back of the parking lot; [he] parks as far away as he can, not to take up any spaces that might be needed by patients and I just thought he was a very approachable guy.  Everybody I worked with was nice, they treated me wonderfully.”

   The day I was fired, that morning meeting, we had a patient in her 90's who was supposed to go to an assisted living and the assisted living they said was only accepting vaccinated residents.  They wanted to send this lady to that assisted living but she was refusing the vaccine.  She had adamantly refused the vaccine several times and a case manager RN actually said in morning meeting and Greg, the president of the hospital was in the meeting, so was Dr. Reynolds, and everyone else that listens to morning rounds were listening and we were talking about her and the case manager RN said 'don't worry, we will get that shot in her arm by the end of the day.'  I actually posted that quote on to Facebook in one of the stop the mandate groups and I was fired that day.

   “There was an article in the Bangor Daily News, that a patient pointed out to me that Monday morning - I was fired on a Tuesday - but the previous day, that Monday, I came into work and had an outpatient come in and said, ‘I saw on the news where your hospital was overrun by COVID in the ED, is this true?  I heard that nurses were walking out and you guys were overwhelmed.’  I didn't know anything about that.  When I logged in to morning rounds, and Greg, the president of the hospital said I just want everyone to know we did have eight patients come into the ED, tested positive for COVID, but none of them came in for COVID symptoms, don't worry, and we only kept two of them and then they were discharging one of them.  So, essentially we only had one of them in the hospital because the other one was being discharged the same day.  But, all eight came in for reasons other than COVID. 

   “So, I had posted on one of the stop the mandate Facebook groups that I just wanted to clarify - I didn't say what hospital I worked for, and my Facebook doesn't say what hospital I worked for - and I didn't say which article I was talking about, I just said I saw a news article recently that said my hospital was overrun by COVID patients and I just want to say that we weren't, that we did have eight patients test positive, none of them came to our hospital for COVID symptoms.”

   “Another thing that may have upset the hospital, too, is I posted minutes of a meeting on Facebook where the hospital announced they were going to be charging 'approximately' $200 per test for unvaccinated staff before the governor's announcement.  They said they were going to accept religious and medical exemptions but they were going to require twice weekly testing of all unvaccinated staff.  In one of the meetings they announced that it was going to be about $200 per test for employees.  That's about $400 per week.”

   This tactic appears to be a huge financial disincentive to coerce healthcare workers to participate in the gene therapy medical experiments or face crippling fees designed to discourage religious or medical waivers.  The COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be ineffective at stopping a person from catching or spreading COVID so it is not clear why the hospital, or governor, felt the use of said drugs would somehow keep the patients safe.

   “When I was called into HR and fired I was told that my Facebook post - I wasn't told which post - that my Facebook post had caused them to want to take me off the schedule.  But, the letter that they handed me officially said I was being taken off the schedule because I was refusing to get the COVID shot and they gave me seven days to take the shot or I would be officially terminated on August 31.”

   “I didn't defame the hospital, I didn't say anything that was not true.  I only spoke the truth and as a matter of fact, I didn't even mention what hospital I worked for.  So, that would be a violation of my freedom of speech.”

   Grandy said she experienced what can only be described as a marketing push in Fall of last year.  “What I experienced was a dramatic decrease in COVID cases or numbers.  They weren't talked about as much in late October, November.  Then all of a sudden at the end of November, just as the vaccines were becoming available, you heard about a huge increase in cases.  I wonder if that was hyped up because the vaccine was becoming available.”

   The same kind of marketing campaign seems to be going on now with the alleged “Delta” variant whose numbers are being hyped and excessively publicized in order to sell the experimental drugs and to prop up reckless, ill-conceived 'vaccine' mandates.

   Grandy started work at A.R. Gould Hospital in December, 2020 and says she saw no influx or surge of COVID positive  patients at the hospital during that time.  “As a matter of fact, I never saw a huge influx of COVID patients at this hospital the whole entire time I worked there [through the end of August, 2021].  I would see COVID positive patients.  They would be put in the ICU but it wasn't because they were so sick that they needed to be in the ICU.  They were put in the ICU because those rooms were set up for negative [air] pressure, not because those patients were sick enough to need the ICU.  At the most, I would see one or two patients at a time, and we would go for long stints without a COVID positive patient at all.”

   She explained how using ICU to house all COVID patients led to deceptive data being logged at the Maine CDC's COVID tracking page.  “Some patients are spillover patients from med surge and they're in the ICU, but they're considered med surge patients.  But, the COVID positive patients would be considered ICU patients, regardless of how sick they were.  If they were in the ICU, they were in the category of ICU patients.”

   Grandy said she and her husband now have naturally acquired immunity to COVID since they caught it early on in the pandemic.  “My husband and I, we had COVID.  We caught COVID in the beginning, from work and recovered and we have antibodies.  I'm willing to take a test and prove that.”

   However, natural immunity seems to be shunned by the hospital based on guidance from the U.S. CDC.  “I asked, in a meeting, where Dr. Reynolds and Greg, the president of the hospital, were leading the meeting and they opened it up for staff to ask questions.  I asked if they were going to be accepting natural immunity or allowing people to test for a titer which will test for antibodies.  They said, 'No.”  I asked why.  Then Joseph Siddiqui said normally with other viruses we would consider natural immunity, there would be antibodies that we could test for.  But, the CDC has not said that this is a virus that we can test for antibodies and accept that for natural immunity.”

   “When the hospital originally announced that they were going to require the vaccine as soon as one of the vaccines became FDA approved, we would have a certain amount of time to be fully vaccinated or we would be taken off the schedule.  They did allow for a medical exemption and a religious exemption.  I submitted a four page religious exemption request to them and actually Tim Gentry, CEO of Northern Light emailed me back and thanked me for my letter and the CEO of AR Gould emailed me back and thanked me for moving here and thanked me for my letter.  Then the governor, Janet Mills, announced on the twelfth of August she was going to require it of all healthcare workers with no religious exemption accepted.  Then I received an email from Joseph Siddiqui in HR that they were not going to accept my religious exemption because of the Governor's announcement.”

   After the experimental gene therapy drugs began circulating in the general public, Grandy said she witnessed some curious anomalies in people which she had never seen before.  “Because I'm a wound nurse, I look at everyone's skin.  I did see strange blood pooling patterns on patients that I had never seen before where it looked like the blood had leaked out of their capillaries into their skin.  These patients had no trauma, there was no bruise so there was no reason for blood to be leaking out into their tissues.  When I asked providers and other nurses had you seen anything like this, I was just told no.”

   One of the problems reported to the Food and Drug Administration (but not reported by the left wing news media) is the experimental gene therapy drugs are causing circulatory and clotting issues in many of the people who unwittingly accepted those drugs as 'safe and effective', which they are neither. 

   Grandy's request for unemployment was disputed by the hospital's administration and she was subsequently declined for the benefit.   But she says her family is invested in Aroostook County and has no plans to move.    “We're waiting on the Lord to tell us what to do next.  If the Lord brought us here, he brought us here for a reason, maybe this is the reason, so that we can stand up and fight against this.  So, we'll move when He tells us to move.”

    Her WFFJ-TV video testimony can be viewed above, from WFFJ-TV's channel, or on YouTube until the woke YouTube reviewers arbitrarily delete it.  A GoFundMe page has been set up for Stephanie and her family.



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