Former Homosexual Transgender Prostitue Leaves the Lifestyle

and is Reborn in Jesus, the Christ – WFFJ-TV Documentary –


September 19, 2020


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Former Homosexual Transgender Prostitute Leaves the Lifestyle and is Reborn in Jesus, the Christ


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 7, 2020


   David Arthur was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  He had his first homosexual experience when he was molested at five years of age.  “There were men in my life that preyed on the fact that I didn't have a daddy,” said Arthur.  “and that I was a little feminine.  I was a little soft.  They used that to their advantage.  Be it a family friend, be it a neighbor, or strangers, it got to the point that I actually recognized being molested as love.”

   When he was around eight years old, he sought male affirmation by cutting school and hanging out in public restrooms or bus stops where he engaged in homosexual sex with men he found there.  “I would cut school and go hang out on the boardwalk in a public bathroom.  I would stand at a urinal and wait for some dirty old man to come along.  Young or old, they always came along.  I longed for male affirmation.  I desired confirmation from a male.”

   At fourteen years of age he ran away from home and dove deeper into the homosexual lifestyle where he had contracted HIV/AIDS and started experimenting with female hormones in order to make his body look more feminine.

   Masquerading as “Paige” he was fascinated by the changes that were taking place in his body.  Living as a transgender and dressing like a woman, he would tell people he was a man just for the shock appeal.

   “At fourteen, I was living on the streets of Philadelphia, prostituting my body, surviving any way I knew how.  I wasn't just a prostitute and transgender - gender confused/dysphoric,  I was also HIV positive at a time when that was a death sentence.”

   In his final prison stay, It was a correctional officer called “Bishop” who reached out to David with words of encouragement to leave his destructive lifestyle.  While he didn't leave that life right away, that correctional officer had planted the seed that would ultimately grow into his coming out of the transgender movement.   After being released from prison, he continued with his destructive lifestyle until his past finally caught up with him.

   “In 2009, I stricken down with full-fledged osteoporosis, which is an elderly woman's disease, but that was from all the hormones, the drugs, the alcohol and the activity that my body wasn't created for.  My bone density was almost gone, I was stuck with a walker dragging myself around.  That didn't stop me from wanting to get out and satisfy the lusts of my flesh.”

   A time came, while he was in hospice care at home that David picked up the Bible and, fearing his soul would be damned to an eternal hell upon his immanent death, he reached out to Jesus for salvation.   “He struck me down, not because AIDS was my punishment, but it was my recompense.  For all of the choices I had made, it was my reward.  I had no immune system, infections in my brain, in my blood and boils all over my body.  Hospice told me I had less than three months to live; there is no hope.  So, I was laying there, I was trapped and I had no hope.  Then Hope walked in, and then Hope found me.  I wasn't afraid to die but I knew I was on my way to hell because that is what I deserved.  When I opened up The Word, it spoke to me and came alive.”

   Within weeks, he was pouring his heart out and repenting of his sins.  “I never asked God to heal me, I just asked him to not allow me to go to hell but through my death let somebody come to know him and to be glorified.  He rose me up and touched me.  Now, here I am eleven years later and he's being glorified because every breath I have belongs to him.  David died and was reborn in 2009.  That old David is gone and the new David is just here to glorify God.”

   With a new lease on life, David began a ministry to reach out to those stuck in his former lifestyle.   I Belong, Amen, based in Hancock, Maine, was the platform he used to send his message to the world.  He has been traveling all over to seek out those in the hopeless lifestyle of the LGBT movement in order to show them somebody does care without the need for a sexual encounter.

   “It's not up to me to tell somebody they can't be gender dysphoric; that they can't go out and live with or sleep with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  What I'm supposed to do is tell them what they can do.  That they can seek Him and they can find Him and they can have freedom.”

   In August, 2020, Arthur published a guidebook called RESIDUE (Reduce Every Stronghold In Depth; Undo Everything), which seeks to help the reader move toward finding their true identity in Christ, Jesus.

   “We are riddled with addictions, with strongholds, with vices, with sin.  If we could just satisfy the identity crises; if we could just address the identity crisis we wouldn't have addiction. If I knew my true identity as a young boy, I wouldn't have had confusion, I wouldn't have had an identity disorder.  I wouldn't have assumed to be something that I'm not.

   He toured Maine to promote the book and along the way stopped at Intervention Church in Woodland.  He explains the purpose of RESIDUE, and his ministry as a whole, is not to beat people down or build a ministry, but to lift the kingdom up.  “This isn't about furthering ministry.  I could care less about furthering a ministry.  I'm here to further the Kingdom.  If I'm going to further the Kingdom, I better be ready to tear down an empire because the enemy has built an empire that has all of our youth out there confused, sexualized, broken, torn up and beaten down.”

   “Everybody is satisfying the lust of the flesh and nobody is ready to Remove Every Stronghold in Depth and Undo Everything until they get to the end of their rope.”