Rev. Steve Craft Preaches on Abortion at Houlton, Maine Rally

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September 27, 2020


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Rev. Craft Speaks at God, Country & the Constitution Rally in Houlton


Talked about the evils of abortion and how it leads to the Cheapening of human life throughout society


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 7, 2020


HOULTON, Maine -    Around two dozen people showed up to the God, Country and Constitution rally at Monument Park in Houlton on September 27 where human rights were discussed for both those who are alive outside their mother’s womb as well as for those alive inside their mother’s womb.

   First to speak was Charlis Sullivan, director of Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook.   “We're here today because we believe life is precious.  Life is created in the very image of God with a purpose and with a plan,” said Sullivan.  “All people should have that right - the right to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of happiness.” 

   She compared the fight to save the unborn to those veterans who came before us to fight for the lives of future generations.  “We, like our fathers before us, are faced with the battle of defending human life.  During the Civil War, there was a great divide and today there's a great divide in our country  where we have Pro-Life and we have Pro-Choice.  We have such a great divide - a divide that's widening.  Today, are we willing to stand up for those who cannot?  

   Pregnancy Care Center has three locations in Aroostook County; one in Houlton, one in Fort Kent and one in Presque Isle.  “God is gracious and we're able to serve the needs of many clients here across Aroostook County.  Because we believe life is life and God ordained it, It does not stop there.  We have parenting classes.  We hope for abundant life for these families.  We walk alongside of them.  We also offer clothing to our clients.”

   All of the pregnancy care centers across Aroostook County have connected with services in Aroostook County to help moms with much needed food and other items.  “If we don't have it, we know where to get it and we're there to help these moms.” 

   Sullivan says that COVID-19 lockdowns have been really tough on people and there are now some families who want for a lot of things that they didn't before.  “Some of them are out of jobs, some require housing, a lot of situations that they didn't have before, desperate situations. Domestic violence seems to be on the rise and people are at home; a lot of things are happening.  We're working with housing and we're helping families to find homes and shelter and to make sure that they get where they need to be.”

   Pregnancy Care Center of Aroostook is currently working toward getting set up as a health clinic with a goal of having ultrasound machines at all three centers so women can see their unborn babies.  “Nine out of ten in counseling and receiving an ultrasound are apt to choose life,” said Sullivan.  “A mother's womb should be the safest place on earth.  Life is life.  Let's protect it.”

   PCC is a 501C3 non-profit corporation that receives no funding from government entities.  All of their funding comes from voluntary donations of churches and private people concerned with helping young mothers keep and provide for their new babies.

   Next up was Hal Shurtleff, from Boston.  Shurtleff is director of Camp Constitution, a family camp founded in 2009 to teach the constitution, civics and history to a society that has been sorely deprived of those lessons in public education.

   “We're honoring our great country, our great history and our Christian heritage.  We're teaching people of all ages about our wonderful Constitution and the issues of the day.  Also, preparing the next generation.  In our family camp we have young children who are learning about this great history,” said Shurtleff.   “One of the things that motivated me to start Camp Constitution was the ignorance the average American has about the U.S. Constitution.   Since 1941, people have become dumbed down on the Constitution.  For example, most people don't realize that the federal government has no authority to fund public education.”

    Shurtleff said while there weren't too many good things about the “COVID-1984” virus, one of the good things is that government schools were shut down.  “Now people are learning at home.  Parents will now see some of the slop they're teaching their kids in public school.  Many are reaching out for more information and want to homeschool their children now.  For those who are new to homeschooling there's a great group, Homeschoolers of Maine who offer some wonderful support.” 

   For more information on Camp Constitution, visit:

   The keynote speaker was Rev. Steve Craft who delivered a fiery message on abortion and why humanity needs to work together to put an end to it.

   “We're seeing all this madness with Black Lives Matter, with Antifa, with the Ku Klux Klan, with this terrorist group and that terrorist group and the rioting and the looting, and the murder and on and on and on.  If we don't repent, we ain't seen nothin' yet,” explained Craft.  “If we don't flip the script on this thing, if we keep our mouth shut, while all these innocent babies are being destroyed every day all day since 1973 and we don't have a problem with that, guess what;  God will turn our nation upside down and inside out.  God's not going to put up with it.” 

   “We don't even realize, my friends, why we have the problems of violence and murder that we have around the world.  You know what the root of it is?  Killing babies.  If we do not have respect for the most vulnerable and innocent of human life, and have no problem killing unborn babies, what makes you think that anybody who has a murdering spirit will care anything about killing you and I?  Murder is murder.  God let the demon of murder out the pits of hell when we decided in January, 1973 that it was alright, it was a 'woman's right' to kill her baby before the baby got here.  But all of a sudden, we wring our hands, get bent out of shape and shed crocodile tears because somebody of 45 or 50 years-old got murdered.  But we don't hear nothing but crickets when all the millions of babies got murdered before they saw the light of day.”

   “This year has been hell on wheels and we all know that.  The cup of iniquity is full.  God is challenging every one of us to take this thing seriously and get involved.  No more silence.  Plant, build, do something.  There's no such thing as an unwanted child.  Give that child up the loving way, for adoption.”   

   A video of Rev. Craft's speech can be viewed on via YouTube.

   Also in attendance was Tracy Quint, RN who is running for House District 144 in this November's election.  “This is all really new to me, I'm not a public speaker or a politician and yet here I am stepping in to actually becoming a politician.  When I look around, I see God's creation.  We're called to love it and you see what we're doing to it.  You have to look at all of the messiness that's going on and get involved to see what you can do to actually change it.”    

   Quint notes how there are 24 seats in Southern Maine where there is not a pro-life candidate even running.  “They don't even have the opportunity to vote for somebody that will fight for life.  I find that very upsetting and disturbing because I'm definitely pro-life 100%.  I'm kind of excited that I will be hopefully going to Augusta.  I will definitely be speaking up for pro-life, but also for the Constitution.”

   She is concerned how the Constitution is being sidelined by government today, causing all of our rights to be arbitrarily taken away.  “We see in other countries where this happens, pretty soon we lose the right to actually speak.  We need to be speaking up loudly as Christians.  Instead of just being quiet we need to be speaking up extremely loudly right now.  No matter what your age, young or older, start talking to people.  Tell them what it is that you believe and just fight for what you believe.”