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January, 2021


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Presque Isle Health Care Workers Express Their Concern Over Governor’s Mandate to Force Them Into COVID Gene Therapy Medical Experiment




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By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal August 25, 2021

   Around three dozen health care workers and their supporters showed up at Northern Light A.R. Gould hospital (formerly TAMC) in Presque Isle on Friday, August 20 to protest the recent mandate by Maine's Democrat Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills that will require all health care workers in Maine to participate in the COVID-19 gene therapy medical experiments now being conducted across the nation.

   Bill Merchant, Chair of Maine Stands Up - Aroostook, says its not about being anti-vaccine, it's about freedom of choice to make your own health care decisions.

   “We started the group up here in order to fight for medical freedom.  It's not a matter of whether we are anti-vax or anything like that,” said Merchant.  “We're a non-political group that basically stands for all people's rights.  We're trying to bring people back together, there's so much division going on in this country right now it's time for everything to stop and come back to normal.”

   Merchant is happy to see the community come together to support freedom of choice for our health care heroes.  “Most of the people here are medical personnel but there are local people that happen to be here.  We had a couple legislators here today, it's been kind of good seeing the community come together to stand up.  There are people here that are vaccinated who don't believe they have the right to force us as well.  So, it's kind of nice to see everybody coming together right now.”

   “This was kind of spontaneous within the past week with all the changes of the mandates toward health care workers this fired up.  Veronica stepped up and made a group on Facebook and we've been kind of pulling all kinds of different people together from multiple different groups on Facebook fighting the mandate, as well.  Working with Maine Stands Up.  We're here today specifically to let people know they had their choice if they wanted to get the 'vaccination' we should have the same choice for our health.” 

   Mitzi McKenney, a local Registered Nurse says she's very concerned about the precedent the governor is setting with regard to what should be personal decisions about health care.   “I'm very concerned that we're leaving the U.S. Constitution,” said McKenney.  “This is becoming not by the people, for the people but it's by the government and that's a danger.  A mandate A forced mandate, a forced injection into my body so I can make a living is very dangerous.  What are they going to mandate next?  This is communism.  This is not America.  There's a lot of different opinions about the vaccine, I won't get into that right now, but this is about our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is at risk here.  This is communism and we need to wake up, America.”

   Independent journalist, Jack McCarthy warns us not to call the experimental gene therapies 'vaccines' because they are not designed to function in that manner.

   “It's not a vaccine, it's a jab.  It's a gene therapy, it's a emergency use authorization only,” McCarthy told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  It's never been done before.  It's not a vaccine anywhere in the world that does gene therapy.  So, this is not a vaccine.  We call it the wrong thing, which becomes part of our memory which just becomes normal and so everybody's going to believe it's a vaccine.  This is an experimental gene therapy, it's never been done before.  Every animal trial has died.  They stopped every animal trial because it was inhumane to kill all the animals.  But now, we're the lab rats and so, I'm terrified for the number of people that are going to be harmed by this thing.”

   McCarthy also notes that if Maine law were actually followed, the governor would not enjoy the authority she has arbitrarily and unilaterally claimed.

   The mandates, the lockdowns, every aspect of whatever the governor or government of Maine is doing is a result of Title 37-B which governs crises.  Title 37-B is what Jezebel Janet Mills used to start this lockdown procedure.  The problem is, in section 741 of Title 37-B it says the power of the governor in a crisis beyond local control.  That's the trigger, that's the threshold for the governor to be able to take emergency action.  We have a signed letter/document from the director of the Aroostook County Emergency Management that says, No, this county was never in a crisis beyond local control.  There was never a crisis beyond local control.  As far as I know, there may have been one county - maybe York County that was actually beyond local control and a crisis.  But, none of that lasted for more than a few days and the governor is totally in violation of the law she helped write when she was in the Senate.  So, she can't claim ignorance, she's in violation of the law, she should have been impeached immediately, but we don't have legislators with the backbone to do it and the legislators don't know the law.  They only know the emotional side of it.  Well, they should be doing this.  I don't care if they should or shouldn't.  What's the law mandate?  She doesn't have the authority to do one of these lockdowns, she can't mandate anything.  She has no authority and she's in violation and an abuse of power.  So, she should be impeached, we got to get serious.

   A move is currently under way to impeach the governor, but no Republican legislators have expressed an interest in introducing the Articles of Impeachment in the Maine House.

   Several protests have already been held by other groups in Portland and Augusta.  Another event is scheduled to be held at Cary Medical Center this coming Friday.