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Updated May 19, 2022


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Alternative Media: The New Mainstream - WFFJ-TV Documentary -




Past Videos



26th Annual Moosestompers Winter Fest in Houlton, Maine - WFFJ-TV Documentary -


Americans Support Canada's Freedom Convoy at U.S./Canada Border Crossing in Houlton Maine - WFFJ-TV News -


What is U.S. CDC Trying to Hide in Their Excess Deaths Statistics? (***BANNED FROM YOUTUBE***)


Presque Isle, Maine Nurse Fired for Refusing Vax, Reveals Trend of Coercion & Deception at Hospital


Health Care Workers & Supporters Protest Governor Mills Vaccine Mandate in Presque Isle, Maine


WBCQ 9.330 World's Last Chance Radio: Tech Notes with Allan & Angela



Citizens Initiative to Reign in Governor's Emergency Powers


Lawsuit Filed Against Governor Mills for her Irrational Emerency Powers


Update on Reiner Fuellmich Lawsuits for Fraudulent Use of COVID-19 PCR Tests (***BANNED FROM YOUTUBE***)


Old Normal Returns: Maine People Take Their Lives Back from Governor Mills


Social Media Cancels Galileo (satire)


South Dakota Merges Liberty and the Pandemic


Face Masks Did Not Stop Spread of COVID-19 During Maine COVID-19 Surge


Mike Heath Seeks Republican Nomination for Maine Governor



COVIDANITY: The New Global Religion of COVID-19 - 10:30 -


Maine's PCR Tests are Calibrated too High (Cyle Threshold 45) - 7:00 -


Are COVID-19 Cases Really Surging in Maine? Well, Not Exactly - 2:00 -


WHO Admits COVID-19 Fatality Rate Similar to Seasonal Flu - 2:00 -


Former Homosexual Transgender Prostitute Leaves the Lifestyle, is Reborn in Jesus, the Christ - 16:30 -


Rev. Steve Craft Speaks on Abortion at Houlton, Maine Rally - 39:00 -


Rev. Steve Craft Exposes Black Lives Matter - 1:25:00 -


Report in CDC Publication: Face Masks Don't Work - 15:00 -



COVID-19 Deaths Plummet: Media & Governments Ignore - 18:07 -


Global Economic Collapse Began in Fall, 2019: COVID-19 Fraudulently Presented as Cause of the Collapse - 50:00 - full length documentary video



CDC Confirms COVID-19 Fatality Rate Similar to Seasonal Flu - 4:17 -



FFHS Graduation 2020 Salutatorian & Valedictorian Speeches - 8:30 -


The Great Mask Mandate of 2020 - 5:05 -


FFHS Lady Tigers 2019-20 slide show - 10:00 -



Chloe Wheeler Makes Maine Potato Queen History - WFFJ-TV Documentary- 5:12 -


Ham Radio Digital Modes- WFFJ-TV Documentary- 15:12 -



Flashing Light in the Eastern Sky Explained - WFFJ-TV Documentary- 9:00 -



FF Lions Club Celebrates 80th- WFFJ-TV News- 2:54 -


FFHS NHS Presents Fall Fun Fest 2017 - WFFJ-TV Doc.- 3:33 -


Togus VA Hospital- WFFJ-TV News- 6:30 -


Perham One-Room Schoolhouse to be Restored - WFFJ-TV News- 3:20 -


Somali Families Visit the County - WFFJ-TV News- 3:20 -


2017 Maine Potato Blossom Festival Parade Highlights WFFJ-TV Documentary- 3:40 -