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COVID-19 Recoveries Top 1.2 Million in U.S.

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 29, 2020


    COVID-19 recoveries surpassed the 1 million people mark on July 15 in the United States.  This milestone was completely missed by the mainstream theatrical news media as they continued to badger society with incessant and irrational hype over some ambiguous “surge” in coronavirus cases in the southern U.S.

   Over the two weeks since July 15, recoveries in the U.S. have climbed steadily upward by around 22,000 recoveries per day ending up over 1.2 million people as of this writing.

   While 1.2 million recoveries is good news, and an impressive number, it is still only around 31 percent of the July 21 count of 3.8 million total cases registered in the U.S. since the outbreak of COVID-19 began.

   At 31 percent recovered, the U.S. is in third place amongst its peers in recoveries. 

   According to a world metrics tracking dashboard built by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, Brazil, with a total population of 221.6 million people,  is currently in the midst of its outbreak and is reporting 2.1 million total cases (around half of the U.S. number) of COVID-19, with only 80,000 deaths and 1.5 million recoveries - or 72% of their total cases recovered -  as of July 21. This is far better than the U.S. recovery rate of  31% and with over 53,000 fewer deaths than the U.S.

   The CSSE also reports that India, with a population of more than triple that of the U.S., or 1.3 billion people, only has 1.5 million cases of COVID-19 - or less than half of the U.S. - and has only logged 28 thousand deaths - which is around 105 thousand less than the U.S. India also reports 62% of their cases as recovered, or 724,578 as of July 21.

   Now, it seems that either Brazil and India are much healthier than the population of the U.S. since they have such drastically reduced case and death statistics, and much more impressive recoveries numbers, or public officials in the U.S. have a problem with their arithmetic when tallying up their own recoveries and deaths from COVID-19.

   But, there is still more good news in the U.S. that the mainstream theatrical news media has either missed, or has chosen to ignore.  That is, the daily death rate for COVID-19 had dropped by 75% at the first of July compared to its curiously high average daily death rate of over 2,300 in mid-April.  This doesn’t appear to be a fluke since the reduction in deaths to an average of around 700 per day has continued to maintain that level now going on four weeks into the new “surge” in cases in the southern U.S.  This means that the increased cases that began being recorded in the first week of the “surge” should have matured through the virus’ 14 day infection window to either a recovery or a death by now.   According to, which has become the industry leader in reporting U.S. COVID-19 numbers, the daily deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. averaged around 677 per day between July 18 - 21 with only 365 deaths nationwide reported on July 21.

   Again, all of this good news on the continued, remarkably lower death rate for COVID-19 has escaped the establishment media’s attention altogether as they continue to hype the “surge” in cases - a surge which has occurred mostly artificially, since the U.S. is now testing around 800,000 people per day, or more than eight times the amount being tested at the start of the outbreak.  But then, there are now reports from inhabitants of the various states that their COVID-19 positive status is being counted two, three and us much as five times by the healthcare industry in charge of collating those numbers at the ground level before reporting them up the chain to their respective state’s CDC.  Ergo, we can no longer even trust case numbers for what has become a politicized virus.  This could explain why other countries appear to be doing so much better than the U.S.

   Governors of the southern states are also succumbing to the hypnotic power of the media’s fixation on surges in cases by taking their states back into “lockdown” and shutting their economies down yet again while completely ignoring the fact that at this point over 99 percent of COVID-19 cases are surviving and recovering while the death rate continues to fall and rolling averages are showing it remaining in that lower position across the U.S.

   The vast majority of victims who succumb to COVID-19 are frail, elderly people confined to nursing homes where they are re-breathing the same air as infected residents.  The demographics of the people now being hit by this so-called “surge” in new cases are on average around 31 years of age and in otherwise good health.  According to the U.S. CDC, this segment of the population handles COVID-19 quite well and suffers significantly lower fatality rates when compared to 85+ year-old nursing home residents with one or more underlying health problems.