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By:  David Deschesne

"And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." 

- Genesis 2:18

"Help Meet"

עזר כּנגדו

ezer kanegedu


ezer: to help, assist, aid. A subsidiary or auxiliary unit designed to compliment the original part.

The source of the help is usually of divine origin, getting its power to help from God. ezer designates both spiritual help, as well as material help.





kanegedu: like (man) but the opposite.



God is speaking in Genesis 2:18, saying that He will make Adam a helper (of us) for us - Him and man, meaning the helper will help and assist both God and man; God, in the spiritual realm, and man in the material realm.  The wife was designed by God to be the opposite of man, that is the opposite sex. Indeed, from the very beginning, "same sex" unions were never part of the Divine Architect's design.


With the wife as the Help Mate,  her role is to:


1.) help meet man's spiritual needs by being a conduit through which God's Holy Spirit may pass to both her and her husband. This spiritual aid is to benefit both of them; her as the helper and him as the helped. The "help" and "assistance" connoted by ezer is of divine origin. This does not say that God's Spirit can not enter the man directly, the woman's role is that of a helper, to assist God - not be put in the middle of Him and man; rather, she is beside them.  With Christ placed in the middle between the husband and his wife, when each moves closer to Him, they also move closer to each other.




2.) help meet man's material needs by assisting and helping him here on earth in the material realm with material things. She helps him both with his work and play. She is his companion, his counterpart. She keeps him company so he is not alone.


2007, David R. Deschesne.  All rights reserved.  This work may be produced at no charge, in whole, for non-profit educational purposes with proper attribution applied.