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Satanic Counterfeits

The systems of government that will be the tools of Anti-Christ in the End Times


FORT FAIRFIELD, MAINE - Fort Fairfield Journal Editor/Publisher, David Deschesne has self-published his first book, Satanic Counterfeits.

Satanic Counterfeits was written as a guide to show pastors and researchers alike how the tools government uses to identify, track, trace and control us will be used by Satan in his Beast System in the end times,” said Deschesne. “Our monetary system, marriage licenses, welfare and health care systems, as well as identification systems have all been hi-jacked by unwitting legislative dupes and are being co-opted into the counterfeit Beast System in front of our very eyes.”

Implantable computer chips are also addressed in Satanic Counterfeits, but with a new revelation that they may not necessarily be implanted in people’s literal ‘right hands.’ “I show the Biblical symbolism for ‘right hand’ is that of power and authority over one’s self, rather than a literal body part,” explained Deschesne. “Satan is very crafty and may be tricking many Christians into thinking a computer chip - which is not mentioned by name in the Bible - will be implanted in their literal right hand. However, that may not be the case at all. It may simply be a number a person agrees to use, or a digital biometric face scan they accept on their driver’s licenses, in order to be able to ‘buy or sell’ as Revelations predicts.”

Satanic Counterfeits features a full index in a 32 page easy to read booklet form and was printed in Fort Fairfield, Maine.

Satanic Counterfeits is available for sale at $10.95, postage paid.  Quantity pricing is available to distributors and retail stores.   

Those interested in trading with silver coin may acquire a copy for $0.75 face value U.S. silver coin, or two books for $1.00 face value U.S. silver coin, or one silver Eagle dollar.  E-mail  for more information.

Send orders with payment to:

David Deschesne

252 Main Street

Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742


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