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Life:  Intelligent Design or Freak of Nature?



By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 11, 2006, p. 11

   Since the public school system has been banned from teaching the concept of a Divine Architect who designed the entire universe, generations of school children have grown up only hearing one theory as to its origin.  That theory is Darwinism.

     Darwinists can show successfully that there is evolution within species due to natural selection.  However, without any proof, they then extrapolate that out to all creatures, plant life, etc. had its origin from just one cell.  

   This original cell, Darwinists theorize was created by accident - a “freak of nature” in some vast primordial soup at the early stages of our earth’s development.  That one type of cell, they continue, then developed into fish, which then developed into lizards and snakes, then monkeys and ultimately, through evolution, turned into humans.

   In only supporting the “freak of nature” concept of the origins of life, Darwinists do not acknowledge a Grand Designer, for to do so would require them to believe in a power greater than man - something their secular humanist belief system can not bear.  For if there is a power greater than man, man can’t be God - a thought that is an anathema to most in upper levels of government today.


Something from Nothing

   Suppose you were lost in an unknown portion of the Northern Maine woods and haven’t seen any sign of roads or human life for days.  Just when you think you are the first person to have ever been in that section of woods, you glance at the ground and see, among the sticks and twigs, a completely finished printed circuit board.

   Without any religious belief system at all, you would be forced to conclude two things:


1.)  Somebody was here before; and

2.)  This circuit board didn’t just create itself from nothing, it had to have somebody or something with intelligence design and build it.


    We all know circuit boards are designed by electrical engineers and manufactured to spec in factories for given purposes.  We don’t have to see the electrical engineer, the factory, or watch the circuit board being built to know that there was at one point a designer, and somebody built it. 

     To look at something as complex as the human body, with its electrical synapses, heart rhythms, brain waves and chemical reactions it is hard to think of us as simply evolving accidentally without someone/thing of superior intellect to design us.  For example, the Ph level (acid/alkaline balance) of our bodies must be maintained around 7.44+/-.  Moving slightly outside of that range by a few tenths either way, can mean the difference between life or death.  Hundreds of things have to go correctly in our bodies literally from one second to the next, or this fragile concept we call “life” ends very abruptly.  Without an architect to come up with and implement the design, life simply couldn’t exist, let alone begin, on its own.

   Darwinists and those who espouse the creation of life by mere chance, treat their ideas with such reverence, that it has developed into a de facto religion.  They believe in no Grand Designer as vehemently as those who acknowledge the Lord God believe in Him.  

   By granting an inordinate amount of time and energy to an unproven theory-turned-religion, public schools, by trying to keep all religion out, have paradoxically opened their doors to it.  This religion, however, is socially acceptable, since it places man at the center, with no Supreme Authority.  This religion does have a name, but isn’t uttered in those hallowed halls all that much; that name is Humanism.


The “Big Bang”

   Another theory wildly touted as fact by those elite in academia is the “Big Bang Theory.”

   Celestial mechanics researcher, Ernest L. Norman rebuts the Big Bang Theory by stating,  “[the scientist theorizes] somewhere at some time, a huge ball of atoms collected together and when there were enough of them and they were compressed tightly enough, they suddenly exploded.  The little pieces traveling outward formed the countless trillions of star suns of the universe. 

   Now, they have not yet explained why these little pieces, in traveling out, assumed that pinwheel fashion, or the rotating formation with which we are familiar from astronomical photographs.  Logically, from an explosion, such objects would be propelled straight out from the center.  Also not explained: why the universe is thicker at the center and tapers out to a thin edge.  An explosion should hurl bits and pieces in all directions, up and down as well as sideways (360 degrees).  Also not explained: why countless galaxies have formed in this universe, each one rotating pin-wheel-like, the same as the universe, and which again invalidates the “Big Bang” theory.” - Tempus Interludium; Interdimensional Solar Mechanics, ©1978 Unarius Educational Foundation, pp. 220-221.

   The Big Bang Theory violates known laws of Thermodynamics, specifically The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is Entropy:  All matter and energy in an enclosed system always tends to a greater state of disorder.  Translated:  Everything rots.  Steel rusts, wood rots, paint peels, etc.  without the application of more energy from a source with some intellect to guide it.   Indeed, to have an ordered, functioning universe occur, with the vast repository of complex life-forms we see here on earth, as a result of an explosion, would be analogous to setting a bomb off in the middle of a junk yard and have all the scrap metal land back on the ground forming a fully built and functioning Boeing 747 airplane, all by itself!

   It is indeed easier to acknowledge a Divine Creator who has designed and controls the entire universe and all life in it, than it is to believe life, matter and all of its complexities exists purely by chance alone.