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The Greek alphabet shares its letters with its number system the same way the Romans did with Roman numerals adopted from the Roman alphabet.  


If you take the numerical value of the Greek letters in the Greek spelling of Lord Jesus Christ, you will find some remarkable coincidences. 



Greek letter Modern   Number    Name

A a             a          1          Alpha                  Lord         Jesus        Christ

B b             b          2          Beta                    kurio    Ihsouς      Cristoς

G g              g          3          Gamma

D d             d          4          Delta                   Lord

E e              e          5          Epsilon               k=20, u=400, r=100, i=10, o=70,

F                            6          Digamma             ς=200

Z z              z         7          Zeta                    20+400+100+10+70+200 = 800

H h                       8          Eta                      --------------------------------------------

Q q             th         9          Theta                  Jesus

I i                i          10        Iota                     I=10, h=8, s=200, o=70, u=400,

K k             k          20        Kappa                 =200

L l             l           30        Lambda              10+8+200+70+400+200 = 888

M m            m         40        Mu                     --------------------------------------------

N n             n          50        Nu                      Christ

X x              x          60        Xi                       C=600, r=100, i=10, s=200, t=300,

O o             o          70        Omikron             o=70, ς =200

P p             p          80        Pi                       600+100+10+200+300+70+200 = 1480

                   Q         90        Koppa                -----------------------------

R r              r           100       Rho                    Lord =           800

S s ς          s          200       Sigma                 Jesus =         888

T t              t           300       Tau                     Christ=    +   1480              

U u             u          400       Upsilon                               3168

F f             ph        500       Phi

C c              ch        600       Chi

Y y            ps        700       Psi

W w            o          800       Omega  


The Greek letters, using the Greek number system, add up to 3168.  Here are some other places where the number 3168 is found:






Mercury                   36                The Encyclopedia Britannica lists the mean distances from

Venus                       67                the Sun to each of the nine planets in millions of miles,

Earth                       93                thus, zeros are left off as they are merely place holders.

Mars                      142

Jupiter                    483                The combined total of the distances from the Sun to

Saturn                    886                each of the planets is 9954.  If we were to take this

Uranus                 1782                figure as the circumference of a giant circle, the diameter

Neptune               2793                of that circle would be 3168!

Pluto                    3672




From the Book:  Jesus:  His Magnificent Name, Neil Pinter, ISBN 0-9633317-2-7  ASIN: B0006RTJP4