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The Book of Jasher 

A synopsis by the translator

   The title "The Book of Jasher" is literally, "the upright or correct record," but because the book was not known, it was therefore termed the "Book of Jasher;" this has caused some persons, who are ignorant of the Hebrew language, to suppose that Jasher was the name of a prophet, or of one of the Judges of Israel; an instance of which appears in a publication which came from the press about the middle of the last century, and which purported to have been a translation into English of the Hebrew manuscript of Jasher, found at Gazna in Persia; which translation only was said to have been thence brought by Alcuin.

A synopsis by David Deschesne

   In the Hebrew Language, "jasher" is not a proper name.  In the title of the book as it appears in Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel, 1:18, the word jasher is preceded by the definite article "the" ( z) - which is never done in the Hebrew language for a proper name.  Jasher simply means to  "straighten out, to correct," or "to set upright."