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When You’re In Christ,

That’s All God Sees



By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal, January 31, 2007, p.9

The Christian faith is very simple; man has fallen short of the Glory of God Most High and needs to be redeemed to allow him to be “at one” with his Heavenly Father again. It is that “at-one-ment” or atonement that Jesus came to provide.

Atonement, meaning to cover, does not really mean to mask over sins, but rather to pay for them as a ransom. It doesn’t do a man any good to jump in a bath while holding the soiling item in his hand. Atonement pays the ransom, which is what Christ’s blood did - it paid for all the sins of the past, by buying up all the blood from the animal sacrifices and “covers” - or pays - for all of the sins of man in the future. The way at-one-ment was accessed prior to Jesus was with animal sacrifice; in Christianity, we become “at one” with God by entering into a faithing, trusting relationship with Him the same way we would culture and mature a relationship with a new friend. Jesus became the access to reconnect us with God and allowing us salvation - which is each of us being the person God wants us (individually) to be.

With Jesus, God emptied the bank of Heaven (phrase borrowed from Dr. Gene Scott, Ph.D.) to buy up all the past animal sacrifices and to pay for all future sins, as well. In order for God to be God, he has to keep his word. If He said, for sin comes death (see example at Genesis 3:3) then death must come for sinners. As sinning men and women, our lot should be death spiritually by being assigned to an eternity in Hell - the furthest possible location away from God.

However, God is a loving God and doesn’t want to send anyone to Hell. Indeed, he throws us drowning sinners the life rope of Jesus, we merely have to recognize our hopeless condition and grab on. That is why he sent His Son, Jesus; to pay the penalty in our place. When a person accepts the blood of Jesus as payment for his/her sins, he then is “in Christ.” When that sinner stands before God at the Holy Throne of Judgment, all God sees is Christ, who was perfect and sinless, and can’t see the sinner within because Christ’s blood was enough to cover the penalty (death) and wash all sins away.

Despite your prior circumstances, or way of life, when you make a conscious decision to turn from your old way and toward your Heavenly Father, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will dwell within you. As you continue to Faith in Him, His spirit will continue to grow. You will not be perfect here in this fleshly realm, nor will your life be easy. The test of Faith tempers our spirit and makes us strong, perfecting us wholly once we arrive “over there.”

Many Christians have unfortunately reduced Christianity down to a list of “do dos” and “don’t dos” but, Faith is accessible to all regardless of hair, body style, bad habits or vices. You can’t change yourself so quite trying and just trust your Heavenly Father.

Jesus paid the price to buy the whole field just to get the treasure out of it. A simple act of acknowledging He did it and placing your life in His hands is all that is required to begin the faith walk that will ultimately reconnect you with our Heavenly Father and take you home to be with Him for eternity.