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The New Religion of America

By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 25, 2007 p. 9

   What if you had a checking account with only $10.00 in it and wrote a check for $90.00 and loaned it to a person?  When that check went to the bank to be cashed, it would probably “bounce” - or be returned due to Non Sufficient Funds.

   Now, what if you had an arrangement with the bank that the $90.00 check, when presented to them, didn’t get immediately cashed, but placed in a file folder for safe keeping?  It wouldn’t bounce and you would still have your $10.00 on hand.  But how would the person you wrote the check to be paid? Well, when you made the arrangement with the bank to shelve your check for a while you would have then authorized them to issue bank notes in the amount of the check so the person you loaned to could use as money until they paid you back with interest.  That would work okay.  The person you loaned $90.00 to would eventually work and earn the money to pay the bogus check off and give you an interest payment of say $10.00.  Now you have $20.00 in your checking account when you only had $10.00 to start with.  You literally made money from the loaning of nothing because the check was bogus to begin with.  The bank notes issued in lieu of actual cash merely functioned as money because everyone who came into contact with them believed - or had faith - in those notes to function as money.

   That is the essence of the United States’ monetary system today.  The only difference is that you are not able to authorize the bank to issue the phony credits in lieu of a bad check, the government authorizes them to.  When banks or credit card companies “loan” money to customers, they are in effect extending that $90.00 check under the regulatory requirement that they must keep 10 percent of their total assets as cash on hand (that would be the $10.00 still in the account - retaining 10% of a total of $100 allows a loan of $90.00).

   U.S. banks today “loan” bogus checks as if they were real money and repossess cars, trucks, boats, homes, etc. based upon  a loan of money that never existed to begin with.  In the old days we called that stealing, but in today’s new religion of “Creditanity” it’s called "Fractional Reserve Banking" and it is to what most Americans have pledged their faith to.

   Credit is derived from the Latin word, credere - “to believe, have faith in.”

   The original senses recorded were “belief” and ‘credibility’.  The word is from French credit, probably via Italian credito from Latin creditum (from credere ‘believe,’ ‘trust’).  This notion of ‘belief’ and ‘trust’ passed into contexts where trust was placed in the ability of a customer to pay for goods.1

   This essence of belief is explained by the Apostle Paul as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’2  While Paul was referring to Faith in the Heavenly Father, faith in general still complies with that definition.  In our example on the money, the bank note is the evidence of things not seen, since there is no money backing up the bogus check, the notes are accepted on trust - that is, faith - alone.

   The new churches of Creditanity are banks.  There are varying denominations ranging from full-fledged banks all the way to savings and loans, credit unions and credit card companies.  But all serve the same lord - mammon.

   When a person borrows this fictional money to purchase a house, a mortgage is taken out.  Few people know the word mortgage is a contraction meaning “dead pledge.”  

   “Mort” is from the Latin morte or mortuus and has all of the implications and connotations of death.  We say “mortal wound” when referring to one who may die from a serious wound and refer to those who prepare the dead for burial as “morticians.”

   “Gage” has dual meanings of “to pledge” and “to challenge to a fight.”

    Interest is that which is paid for the use of the artificially created money.  Interest is derived from the Latin inter - ‘between’ and esse - ‘be,’ hence “to be between.”

   Government uses money in its varying forms to coax people to place their faith in it, instead of the Lord God for their safety and subsistence.

   “The Federal Reserve system and associated checks, credit and debit cards are all assigned numbers based upon the person’s government-issued serial number, also known as the Social Security Number.   By eliminating a means of private trade, Satan uses the tools and systems of government to craftily change our daily activities to subliminally refocus our worship from the Lord God to man. That is all that’s required to affect a person’s salvation - take his/her eyes off the Lord and put them anywhere else.”3

   Since our U.S. currency today - the Federal Reserve Note - is not based upon any tangible unit of measure (it represents the bogus check held in the file folder) it does not have any justifiable weight or measure to it.  Creditanity’s Federal Reserve Notes violates God’s law of trading with “just weights and balances”4 since there is literally nothing to back them except a promise.

   If it isn’t bad enough that the so-called ‘money’ banks loan society is fraudulently created from nothing, the government allows them to do so through legislative fiat.  Surely the borrower is servant to the lender.5

   Creditanity allows banks and credit card companies (which are banks, too) to charge interest to their own countrymen - also in violation of Biblical maxim.6

   Government schools allow the high priests of Creditanity to espouse their theology to students on a frequent basis.  These “priests” are either bank presidents or loan officers who visit schoolchildren and teach them how to properly manage their credit by going into debt to a bank.  They must indoctrinate the youth to their new religion since all old loans are “paid” (actually the word is ‘discharged’) with new loans of artificially created money pledged on the backs of the next generation of human laborers.

   Creditanity has a tithing system, too, just like Christianity.  However, where the Christian tithe is voluntarily given as a testimony to the value of God’s word, Creditanity’s tithe is coerced at the barrel of a gun under the guise of Federal Income Tax.   The antithetical nature of Creditanity’s coerced tithe (Tax) from the voluntary tithe of Christianity is indicative of it being a Satanic counterfeit of God’s system of money.  God’s money is based upon wealth rather than debt; based upon freely giving rather than threat, duress and coercion.

   Interest is the money that is exchanged between Creditanity’s priests and its parishioners; conversely  the Holy Spirit is freely shared from the Heavenly Father between Himself and those who pledge their faith and trust to Him.

   For the love of money is the root of all evil7 and today’s banking system, government and international financiers wouldn’t have it any other way.



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