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Joseph's "Coat of many Colours"


By:  David Deschesne


In Genesis 37:3, 37:23, and 37:32 we have all read about the wonderful "coat of many colours" that Joseph had and wore so proudly.  Dolly Parton even sang a song about it.  Oh, the coat had so many colors, it was so colorful, it was so vivid.  But did you realize that the original Hebrew text did not refer to any sort of colorful coat?  That's right, Joseph's coat was not of "many colours" at all.


Using Strong's Concordance, you will notice that when the word "colours" is used in reference to Joseph's coat, it is translated from the Hebrew word: 2 (pas; Strong's #6446). pas means: a long sleeved tunic, a wide tunic, of many breadths.  Perhaps the particular type of tunic Joseph was wearing marked those who didn't have to work.


The Hebrew word for color is 3"7 (tsava; Strong's #6648).  tsava means: color, dye, vivid colors, etc.


In conclusion, Joseph did have a unique coat, perhaps long sleeved or past his waistline, but it was not of "many colors" because the Hebrew word tsava was not used to describe it.