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Advanced Bible Study

Note:  Due to problems with the fonts in some of the following writings, the Hebrew which should read from right to left has been transposed by the software to left to right.  I am aware of this problem and working toward correcting it.

888 The Number of Christ's Name


Adam is 'first blood'


Alpha and Omega


Easter Tradition, Origin of

Behold a White Horse

Biblical Precepts Encoded in the US Constitution

Birth Certificate

Bohemian Grove

Christ's Birth Date - Not December 25

Christ's Faith is the Template

Christian Do Do

Christian Ethics and Social Order

Christmas Tree,  Origin of 

Coat of Many Colours



Flood Story - Gilgamesh

Garden of Eden

God's Divine Plan Encoded in Genesis

God is the Bridge

Hebrew Calendar

Hell:  Is there Fire in Hell?

Jesus Numerically

Jesus Tomb Misnomer


Lamb of God

Life:  Intelligent Design or Freak of Nature?


Lord, Do You Hear Our Prayer?

Loyalty of Faith




Mark of the Beast?

Numerical Typology


Our Hebrew Roots  

Red Sea or Sea of Reeds


Render unto Caesar

Right Hand

Satanic Counterfeits

Spiritual Grafting

Tough Shoes for a Tough Trip


The Wife

Was Jesus a Good and Wise Teacher?/Did he come out of that tomb?

When You're In Christ, That's All God Sees

The Whole Armor of God

Why God allows evil

Lord of Impossibilities 

Yhwh Rchm

Young Earth=Old Universe



Maine Author Publishes History Book in Bible's Chapter/Verse Format 

A Brief Life of Paul

Benjamin L. Olmstead, 1938

Dissertation on Apostle Paul


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Call to Decision Ministries

Touching Hands Ministries

Hoffman Printing Co.


A Castaway and Other Addresses

F.B. Meyer, 1897

Addresses/commentaries delivered at Carnegie Hall, N.Y. and Tremont Temple, Boston intended to elucidate deeper aspects of Christianity.

Heart Rest


A Commentary on the Gospels

Ronald Knox, 1954



A Doctor's Casebook in Light of the Bible

Paul Tournier, 1960


A New Testament Wordbook

William Barclay, no date known

Vivid reconstructions of New Testament life behind 37 great words.

Addresses:  Henry Drummond

Henry Drummond, circa 1900

General Bible thesis.


After Death What?

Madison C. Peters, D.D., 1908

A Scholarly Exposition of a Vitally Interesting Question that has deeply agitated thinking men and women from time immemorial.


A Guide to Understanding the Bible

Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1938

The development of ideas within the Old and New Testament.


A Harmony of the Gospels

W.M. Arnold Stevens and Ernest De Witt Burton, 1900

An analytical synopsis of the four gospels.


Abbott's Commentary on Mathew

Rev. Lyman Abbott, 1878

Commentary on Mathew


Abbott's Commentary on Mark

Rev. Lyman Abbott, 1878

Commentary on Mark


Abbott's Commentary on Luke

Rev. Lyman Abbott, 1878

Commentary on Luke


Abbott's Commentary on John

Rev. Lyman Abbott, 1878

Commentary on John


America in Prophecy

Inspiration Books East, Inc., 1988

Reprint of original thesis by E.G. White on America's status in Biblical prophecy.


An Exposition of the Whole Bible

G. Campbell Morgan, 1959



Background of the Bible, The

Henry Kendall Booth, 1928 Charles Scribner's Sons

Abridged history of the Bible


Baker's Dictionary of Theology

1960 Baker Book House Co.

Everett F. Harrison, Editor in Chief

Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Associate Editor

Carl F.H. Henry, Consulting Editor

Best Sermons, 1968

Edited by G. Paul Butler

Sermons from various ministers on assorted topics.


Biblical Precepts Encoded in the Constitution

David Deschesne, 2003

Illustrates where U.S. Constitution parallels Holy Bible.

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Blood and the Shroud, The

Ian Wilson, 1998

In-depth analysis of the Shroud of Turin


Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Lawrence Gardner, 1996

Very poor analysis and fraudulent conclusions on the lineage of Jesus.


Butler's Analogy and Sermons

Edited and appended by Joseph Butler, 1897

Sermons by Bishop John Butler Esq.; of Kirby House


Case for Christ, The

Lee Strobel, 1998

A journalist's personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus.


Chain Reference Bible, The

Dr. Frank Charles Thompson

BB Kirkbride Bible Co., Inc., 1982

Analysis of the KJV Bible, organized by topic via constructed "chains" of selected verses.

Channing's Life

William Henry Channing, 1899

The life of William Ellery Channing, D.D. written by his nephew William H. Channing.


Christianity and Modern Thought

American Unitarian Association, 1872

Collection of various sermons.


Christianity and the Social Crisis

Walter Rauschenbusch, 1911

Christian movement as it relates to civil society.


Christ's Teaching Concerning the Last Things

William Caven, D.D., L.L.D, 1908

Thesis on Christ's teaching on the last days.


Colossians & Philemon

Murray J. Harris, 1991

Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament


Communicator's Commentary, The

Roger L. Fredrikson, 1985

Commentary on John


Conspiracy:  A Biblical View

Gary North, 1986

Analysis of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Conversations on the Bible

Dr. Enoch Pond, D.D., 1896 (President of Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, Maine,)

A hypothetical question/answer session on the Bible between a father and his educated son.


Critical and Experimental Commentary Vol. 1

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, 1945

Commentary:  Genesis - Deuteronomy


Critical and Experimental Commentary Vol. 2

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, 1945

Commentary:  Joshua - Esther


Critical and Experimental Commentary Vol. 3

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, 1945

Commentary:  Job - Isaiah


Critical and Experimental Commentary Vol. 4

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, 1945

Commentary:  Jeremiah - Malachi


Dead Sea Scrolls, The

Davies, Brooke, Callaway, 2002

Full color introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls


Dead Sea Scrolls:  A New Translation, with Commentary

Michael Wise, Martin Abegg Jr., Edward Cook, 1996

A comprehensive translation of the controversial ancient scrolls, with material never translated before now, and including the most recently released texts.


Dictionary of Bible Types, A

Walter Wilson, 1999

Examines the images, shadows and symbolism of over 1,000 Biblical terms, words, and people.


Ecce Deus

Author unnamed.  Roberts Brothers, 1867

Essays on the life and doctrine of Jesus Christ.  A response to the previously published book, Ecce Homo.


Enoch, The Book of

R.H. Charles, 1912

Translated from the editors' Ethiopic text.

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Equipping the Saints

John Wimber, 1984

Spiritual Warfare Vol. 1, Audio Tape set.


Exploring the Parables

Eugene Wehrli

Discussion of the Parables of Jesus.


Expository Studies in Matthew 13

Ray C. Stedman, 1976

Bible study/commentary.


Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Vol. 1

Josh McDowell

Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith


Faithful Also in Much

John E. Simpson, 1917

A history of man and his relation to his possessions and his God.


Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2000

Why Church fathers suppressed the Book of Enoch and its startling Revelations.  Contains Book of Enoch, Excerpts from Book of Jubiliees,  The Book of the Secrets of Enoch.

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Fausett's Bible Dictionary

A.R. Fausset, 1961

Bible Dictionary


Fine Arts, The Old Testament and the

Cynthia Pearl Maus, 1954

Anthology of poems, short stories and hymns associated with the Old Testament.


Fine Arts, Christ and the

Cynthia Pearl Maus, 1938

Anthology of poems, short stories and hymns associated with the life of Christ.


From God to Us

Norman L. Geisler & William E. Nix, 1974 Moody Bible Institute

How we got our Bible


Fourth Gospel and the Later Epistles, The

John Knox, 1914




Walter Brueggemann, 1982

Commentary on Genesis


Gleanings in Genesis

Arthur W. Pink, 1922, 1950


Glorious Names of God, The

Mary Foxwell Loeks

Analysis of all the names used for God in the Bible.


Glory of the Stars, The

E. Raymond Capt., 1976

God's Divine message as written in the constellations in the heavens.


Gnostic Gospels, The

Elaine Pagels, 1979

General analysis of the Gnostic Gospels and origins of Christianity.


God & Caesar

John Eidsmoe, 1984

Christian Faith and Political Action


God Chasers, The

Tommy Tenny, 1998

Thesis on those who truly want God in their lives vs. those who only wish to only appear that way.


God Code, The

Gregg Braden, 2004

Analysis of the links with the DNA code in human cells with Biblically significant, alpha-numeric conversions of Hebraic words.


Gospel Light

George M. Lamsa, 1939

Comments on the teachings of Jesus from Aramaic and Unchanged Eastern customs.


Gospel of Mark, The

1975 William Barclay

Revised commentary on Mark


Great Pyramid Decoded, The

E. Raymond Capt., 1971

An introduction to Pyramidology and the study of Biblical prophecy as encoded in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

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Halley's Bible Handbook

Henry H. Halley, 1959

General commentary


Handy Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Merrill C. Tenney & Alexander Curden, 1983

General Bible dictionary and concordance.


Harper's New Testament Commentaries

H.N.D. Kelly, 1963

Commentary on Pastoral Epistles:  I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus


Hebrew and English Dictionary

NTC Publishing Group, 2000



Hidden Book in the Bible

Richard Friedman, 1998

Using the "J" document, Friedman attempts to illustrate what the original text of the Bible was and how it was written in prose.


Holy Bible

King James Version

Old and New Testaments


Inclusive Dictionary - Concordance

A.J. Holman Company, 1924

Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible, with charts and maps


International Inductive Study; New Testament

Precept Ministries, 1993

Study guide for the Modern Language Bible, New Berkeley Version, New Testament.


Interpreter's Bible, The Vol. 12

Abingdon Press, 1957

Commentary on James, Peter, John, Jude and Revelation


Interpreter's One-Volume Commentary on the Bible

Abingdon Press, 1971



New Testament Thought, An Introduction to

Frederick C. Grant, 1950

A comprehensive survey of the key ideas


Is That in the Bible?

Dr. Charles F. Potter, 1933

This book challenges your conception of the contents of the world's greatest best seller.  It reveals the human interest and acute observations on life which are the secret of the Bible's popularity.

Isaiah, The Book of, Vol. 1

George Adam Smith

Commentary on Isaiah Chapters I - XXXIX


Jasher, The Book of

Artisan Sales, 1988

Photo Lithographic reprint of exact edition Published by J.H. Parry &  Co., 1887

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Joshua, Judges, and Ruth

Barbara P. Ferguson, 1988

Bible Commentary on books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth


KJV - NIV Parallel New Testament

Zondervan, 1975

Interlinear Translation in Greek and English


Language and Imagery of the Bible, The

G.B. Caird, 1980

An elementary textbook on language with illustrations from the Old and New Testament.


Last Days According to Jesus, The

R.C. Sproul, 1998

Thesis on last days


Light From the Ancient East

Adolf Deissmann, 1995

The New Testament illustrated by recently discovered texts of the Graeco-Roman World.


Literature of the Old Testament

Julius A. Bewer, 1933

Translations of the most important texts of the Old Testament, grouped topically and edited in such a way as to show both their relation to each other and to that process of development into the work as a whole.

Lord's Portion, The

Roy L. Moss, 1980

A scriptural study of tithing


Lost Books of the Bible

Alpha House, Inc. 1926

Books that were originally contained in the Bible plus the forgotten books of Eden.


Layman's Parallel New Testament

Zondervan, 1970

Comparing four popular translations in parallel columns:  King James, Amplified New Testament, Living New Testament, Revised Standard Version.


Law of the Tithe

By:  Arthur V. Babbs, A.B. 1912 Fleming H. Revell Co.

Dissertation on the purpose and function of the tithe.


Manners and Customs of Bible Times

Ralph Gower, 2000



Matthew, The Cambridge Bible Commentary

A.W. Argyle, 1963

The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible:  The Gospel According to Matthew


Messianic Hope in Both Testaments, The

Jasper A. Huffman, D.D.1939

Brief commentary on the Bible


Money and Power

Jacques Ellul, 1979

Wealth and money in a biblical perspective.


Mystery Babylon Revealed

George Kirkpatrick, 

Thesis on Mystery Babylon and how it applies to United States.


Mystery of the Ages

Herbert W. Armstrong, 1985

Explaining mysteries in the Bible in plain everyday language.


New Oxford Annotated Bible

1991 Oxford University Press

An Ecumenical Study Bible, completely revised and enlarged.  


New Testament Foundations, Vol. 1

Ralph P. Martin, 1975

A guide for Christian Students.  Volume 1, the four Gospels.


Noah's Ark, In Search of

Dave Balsiger and Charles Sellier Jr., 1976

Story of the search for Noah's Ark and the movie that was made about it.  Some photos of an alleged ark.


New Century Bible Commentary; Gospel of John

Matthew Black, 1972

Commentary on Book of John


New Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Josh McDowell, 1999


Old Testament History

Edited by William Smith, LL.D. 1865 American Book Co.

From the Creation to the Return of the Jews from Captivity.


Old Testament Theology

Gerhard Hasel, 1972

Highlights major trends in contemporary Old Testament scholarship.


One Volume Bible Commentary

J.R. Dummelow, 1911

Bible Commentary in one volume.


Our Day in the Light of Prophecy

Review and Herald Publ. Assoc., 1918



Oxford American Prayer Book Commentary

Oxford University Press, 1950

Commentary on The Book of Common Prayer according to the Protestant Episcopal Church.


Oxford Bible Atlas

Edited by Herbert G. May, 1962 Oxford University Press

Bible Atlas with maps.


Parables of Jesus

George A. Buttrick, D.D., 1928

Analysis of the parables of Jesus


Peculiar Treasures

Frederick Buechner, 1979

A mini-biography of the major people mentioned in the Bible


Peloubet's Bible Dictionary

John C. Winston Co., 1925

Bible Dictionary by F.N. Peloubet, D.D.


Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians Revised Ed.

William Barclay, 1975



Preaching Values in the Epistles of Paul

Halford E. Luccock, 1959

Volume 1, Romans & First Corinthians.  Commentary.


Prince of Darkness

Grant R. Jeffrey, 1994

AntiChrist and the New World Order

Prophets, The

Abraham J. Heschel, 1962

Reprint of Mr. Heschel's doctoral thesis on the prophets:  Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk.  Reprinted by his daughter, Sussannah Heschel.


Reflections on the Psalms

C.S. Lewis, 1958

Lewis' commentary on Psalms


Revelation Revealed

Jack Van Impe, 1982

Commentary on Revelations


Revised English Bible

Oxford and Cambridge University Press, 1989

Old and New Testaments with Apocrypha.


Romans, The Letter to

William Barclay, 1977

Commentary on Romans


Satan's Music Exposed

Lowell Hart, 1981

Illustrating how Satan has used contemporary music to enter a "backdoor" to the Church.


Sermons by Rev. H.S. Hoffman

H.S. Hoffman, 1887

Septuagint Bible, The


Falcon's Wing Press, 1954


In the translation of Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress of the United States of America, 1774 - 1789.


Smith's Bible Dictionary

William Smith, 1948

Bible Dictionary


Strange Facts About the Bible

Webb Garrison, 1968

Mysterious and fascinating facts from the land and time of our ancient biblical ancestors.


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

James Strong, 1890; Abingdon Press, 1986


Swedenborg's Theological Writings, Compendium of

Samuel M. Warren, 1974

Updated compendium of the sermons of Emanuel Swedenborg


Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew

R.K. Harrison,1955

Introduction to Hebrew language.


The Way

Tyndale House Publishers, 1971

The Living Bible Illustrated.


Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament Vol. I

R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Jr., Bruce K. Waltke, 1980, Moody Bible Institute

Analysis of Hebrew words used in Old Testament through- out history.  Dictionary-style format.  Volume I covers Aleph through Mem.


Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament Vol. II

R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Jr., Bruce K. Waltke, 1980, Moody Bible Institute

Analysis of Hebrew words used in Old Testament through- out history.  Dictionary-style format.  Volume II covers Nun through Taw.


Things Fundamental

Charles E. Jefferson, 1903

Sermons by Charles Jefferson on various topics


Through the Bible Commentary Series

J. Vernon McGee, 1991

Revelation Ch 1-5

Torah, The:  A Modern Commentary

Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1981

Jewish Commentary on the Torah with some Christian references.


Toward the Mark

Stephen Paine, 1953

Studies in Philippians


Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance

Robert Alan Balaicius, 2001

Thesis on location of "Lost Tribes" of Israel.


United States and Britain in Prophecy

Worldwide Church of God, 1972

Thesis on Ephraim and Manasseh representing England and United States, today.  Details where the "Lost Tribes" are today.

Where to Find it in the Bible

Ken Anderson, 1996

Search by modern-day topic to find references to applicable Bible verses.

Who Says God Created?

Fritz Ridenour, Editor, 1967

A discussion of basic questions on the Christian faith, incluiding the existence of God, the trustworthiness of the Bible, the "conflict" between science and Scripture.


Without Controversy

Pastor Rick Strawcutter

Over 20 Bible Controversies Answered.


World in Rebellion

John E. Hunter, 1972

World in Rebellion presents what the Bible has to say about the defiance of authority and the rebellion seen on every hand today.

Wycliffe Bible Commentary, The

1962 Moody Bible Institute

Bible Commentary