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"First Blood"

By: David Deschesne

special thanks to Dr. Gene Scott for teaching on first blood.

Adam in Hebrew is spelled אדם and is not a proper name, but rather a designation for a type of man being described. Adam, is not a proper noun, instead, it is an adjective.

Hebrew reads from right to left. The first letter of Adam is ‘Aleph’ (א) and pronounced ‘ah’, or ‘eh’. The second letter is ‘Dalet’ (ד) and is pronounced like a ‘d’. The third letter is ‘Mem’ (ם) and is pronounced like an ‘m’

The letter Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and symbolizes ‘the first’ also, the ‘head’ or Creator. It is the first letter of many of God’s names – Elohim (gods), El (God), Elohuk (God of me/my God), Elohinu (God of us/our God) etc.

The second two letters spell the word ‘dam’, which, in Hebrew, means, ‘Blood’.

‘Adam’ is really a combination of two Hebrew words ‘A’ and ‘dam’ = ‘first blood.’

In Hebrew the word for man in general is ish. God not only created a man, he created Adam – a special kind of creation - a man with a soul. And, the life (Hebrew nefesh means ‘life’ or ‘soul’) of all flesh is in the blood.

Blood is very special. We can’t live without it. It had to be shed for forgiveness of sins first by animals, as a substitute for Christ then by Yeshua the Christ, himself.

Adam is a derivative of אדםה - adamah, the Hebrew word for "land" or "ground"; "A very literal translation would state that Adam is the person, or human being, "of the ground." Through such subtleties of the original language, we're shown that man and the earth share a common origin." - The God Code, ©2004 Gregg Braden, p. 70.