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The Number of Christ’s Name



By: David Deschesne,

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal, October 24, 2007, p. 9

While there is a lot of time devoted to the Mark of the Beast and its accompanying “666” number as revealed in the Book of Revelation, serious Bible students will be interested in learning the number of our Lord’s name is two digits up, across the board, or “888”

The name we commonly associate with our Lord, Jesus is not Jesus at all, but a corruption of the original Greek Ihsouç (ee-ay-sooce),1 also known in Hebrew as Yahoshua.

Like the Roman numerals of a later era, the Greeks also used the letters of their alphabet as part of their numbering system.

If you take our Lord’s name in Greek, assign the numerical values to its respective letters and total them up you will come up with the number 888 (Fig. 2).


I=10 h= 8 s= 200 o= 70 u= 400 ς= 200

10+8+200+70+400+200 = 888

Fig. 2


In Biblical numerology, the number 8 symbolizes new birth, new creation and/or new beginnings. When Christ is formed in your heart through faith, you are “reborn” as a new creation, with a new beginning in a faith walk toward your Heavenly Father. That the 8 is repeated three times in Yahoshua’s name is indicative of the symbolism of the number 3, which means perfection or completeness. Whenever God wants to emphasize something as perfect or complete in the Bible, it is done in threes.

“The threes of the Bible represent triads of completeness. Sometimes it is a triad of good, and sometimes of evil. The Trinity of heaven is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The trinity of evil is the devil, the Antichrist and the false prophet. The trinity of blessing is grace, mercy and peace. The trinity of wickedness is the world, the flesh and the devil.”2

Thus, while 666 is a complete form of man’s evil and man’s systems of government being used for evil; 888 is representative of Christ’s completeness in regenerating new life and creating new beginnings.

The number 8 symbolizes “something new” in nature, as well. The eighth note on the piano begins a new octave. The eighth day of the week begins a new week. There are just seven primary colors in the rainbow; the eighth color begins a new spectrum.

In the Bible, 8 also symbolizes something new or different. In Genesis, Chapter 8 there is a beginning of a new generation of people on earth proceeding from Noah’s family. In Exodus 8, a miracle is performed which had previously been unknown in the history of man. Matthew, Chapter 8 gives an account of the first instance of a miraculous cleansing of the leper by the word and touch of another. Luke 8 reveals a new relationship between Christ and those who hear His Word; a new experience of seven demons cast out of one person. Acts 8 tells of a new experience Phillip had in his personal work, the leading of the Spirit and the conversion of an Ethiopian. Romans 8 brings a new revelation of the leading of the Spirit. Hebrews 8 Shows a new revelation of God’s covenant. Revelations 8 gives a new vision of the ministry of angels.

All the other chapters number eight in the Bible express something new as these do.3


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