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Training For the Mark of the Beast Comes in the Form of a Face Mask

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 30, 2020


   Society is being set up.  They are being trained and disciplined to ease them in to a Mark of the Beast style system.  And while some are belligerently protesting, many more are blindly  accepting their training in a program that will ultimately dictate who may buy or sell as the Biblical book of Revelation forewarns.

   This is not to say that the face mask or the face mask mandates currently being imposed in this COVID-19 age of fear and hysteria is the “Mark of the Beast.”  Face masks are probably not the Biblical “Mark.”  But, what is instructive to observe here is how rapidly and effectively governments were able to shut down all business and economy, force everyone to wear face masks under threat of fine or arrest.  It happened literally overnight.  A governor can issue an edict outside of the legislative process and people will blindly and dutifully obey because the corporate media has taught them to be afraid and submissive to the new religion of COVID-19.

    UK Author, Carl Vernon has analyzed how this has happened with such brevity and force.  “Putting aside the sheer stupidity of this blind obedience, when we think about the why; why is this happening? Why are people doing this?  Well, fear has become the new virtue, hasn't it,” said Vernon.   “It's become the new way of giving purpose and meaning towards life, now.  It's very easy to jump online and have a race toward the moral high ground as fear becomes the new virtue, which is what we're seeing now.  It fuels this continual cycle which gives way to the dictatorship itself.”

   Through fear and hysteria, the public is willing to give up its freedom and sovereignty to their so-called “leaders.” The police are trained to enforce whatever law, mandate or edict comes down from on high, no matter how stupid, frivolous or socially damaging it will be.

   In many states in the U.S., and countries around the world, the proving grounds for the Mark of the Beast infrastructure is being filled with mini beta-tests in the form of business closures, face mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, etc. all in the name of protecting the public from a virus that is now known to have a fatality rate similar to the normal, seasonal flu.

   The Bible describes the Mark of the Beast as a system of control where a person may not buy or sell - that is, engage in any business or commerce - unless they have accepted that “mark.”   Just walking in public today without a face mask identifies someone as a non-conformist, one who the face mask- wearing masses look down upon as a social pariah to be shunned and shamed for “wanting to kill gandma” because they're not wearing a face mask.  This, despite the fact that scientific tests over the past six decades have proven that face mask use in a community setting among the general public - most of whom are not trained in the proper use, wearing and discarding of face masks - has no statistically significant effect on reducing transmission of a respiratory virus.  The current face mask mandates in place also prove that out as those states and countries still see a dramatic rise in “cases” of COVID-19 even with 100% compliance with the face mask mandates.

      But, face masks and lockdowns are not about public health - they never were.  They are about control and brainwashing.  They are about preparing the global community for whatever that “Mark of the Beast” is.  Look around and notice how many people are dutifully wearing those ineffective and ridiculous dust and cloth masks, thinking they are somehow stopping the spread of a virus when all of the current data shows the complete opposite.    While some are begrudgingly and unwillingly wearing the mask so they can have a job, shop for groceries, or otherwise get through their day, it is an important observation of society just how easy and quickly it will be to impose a Mark of the Beast style system whenever the government wants to.

   Regardless of its ultimate form - an implantable microchip; biometric face scan; quantum dot tattoo; or forced church observance on Sunday instead of the Sabbath - the Mark of the Beast will be something that is imposed on people by the force of evil actors with government power; and those who are identified as not accepting that symbol or designation will not be allowed to participate in society, commerce, or associate with friends and family.  In effect, they will not be allowed to “buy or sell” unless they’ve accepted that government mandated designation.

   Whether the Book of Revelation (which barely made it into the accepted text of the Bible over 300 years after it was written) is prophetic, or is being used by governments as a blueprint for a self-fulfilling prophecy, the result is the same: people in society giving up their sovereignty over their own bodies, giving up control over themselves and their families and handing it all over to    politicians - most of whom are too stupid, evil or moronic to make good decisions on behalf of the people, anyway.  At the end of the day, once that freedom and sovereignty has been given over to another, those who submitted will be reduced to a slave class population with no rights to property, movement or individual thought.    This has already happened multiple times throughout world history.  In this respect, perhaps the Mark of the Beast is a metaphor for how easy it is to mold and manipulate some people in society and how ruthless other people in society are when it comes to forcing, mandating and bossing around those who they claim leadership over - and, thus, de facto ownership of.

   Whichever the case may be, the Mark of the Beast will be readily accepted and society will impose it upon themselves as soon as it is rolled out, now that everyone has been trained and conditioned to bow and submit to man with the training wheels of face mask mandates and economic lockdowns by evil, malevolent politicians.  


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