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The Newest Religion

Taking an Unwitting World by Storm







By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

November 4, 2020


   We have witnessed the birth of a new, worldwide religion this year. This is a religion - like all others - based entirely on faith.  But, unlike the previous religions of Hinduism and Judaism, which each took a thousand years to develop; Christianity, which took around two hundred years to develop; and Islam, which took around twenty to thirty years to develop, this new religion was founded, became entrenched around the world and has claimed billions of parishioners in just a matter of months.  This latest addition to the ménage of world religions is called Covidanity.

   Like most religious beliefs throughout world history, the Covid religion was birthed out of fear and uncertainty with regard to the human condition.  That fear then cultured a circle of priests and benefactors who promised a form of eternal life under the guise of a long life here on earth, if the people would accept by faith the commands and dogma of this new religion’s leaders.


Covidanity’s “Pope”

   Like most religions, Covidanity has a hierarchical structure.  For example, where the Roman Catholic Church has its Pope, Covidanity has the Director-General of the World Health Organization, currently Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  While it is true that some countries, like the U.S., have distanced themselves from the W.H.O., Covidanity still remains intact just as much as when the Greek Orthodox and Anglican (Episcopal in the U.S.) Churches split from Rome and ultimately the Pope’s leadership.  Those churches remained Catholic in form and function, but chose not to place themselves under the authority of the Roman Pope.  This is where the U.S. is today; nearly the entire U.S. population is now exercising the Covid religion, just not necessarily under the leadership of the W.H.O.


Covidanity’s “Bishops”

   Going down the chain of command from Director-General of WHO, we have the Bishops.  They are not actually called Bishops, as they are in the Catholic Church.  Rather, they are called CDC Directors.  Every country in the world has one of these types of directors and every state in the U.S. does as well.  These bishops direct the priests of Covidanity and keep them on message so the masses will have one uniform narrative.  Here in the U.S., we have several of these “Bishops” exercising power at the national level.  They are Robert Redfield, Director of the U.S. CDC and the more recognizable Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases.  Dr. Fauci does have a side-kick who is co-monarch with him and Redfield, her name is Sister Deborah Birx.  This religious triumvirate has ruled the United States since March, 2020.  U.S. President, Donald Trump has been relegated to the position of Altar Boy, in charge of setting up the water, wine and wafers for Fauci, Redfield and Birx to disseminate to the eager masses.

   Through fear and uncertainty, the masses have elevated these CDC directors to almost godlike status.  In Presque Isle, Maine, this past August, the Presque Isle Elk’s Club even went so far on its outdoor LED marquee sign to change the national motto, “In God we Trust” to “In Dr. Shah we Trust” - referencing Maine CDC director, Dr. Nirav Shah. (see photo, above)

   The CDC directors have even gained more power than the governors, with many states’ governors yielding the decision making authority for health, economy and lifestyle over to these  incorrigible, seemingly incorruptible and inerrant, all-knowing gods in their respective states’ and countries’ CDC.


Covidanity’s “Deacons”

   The Deacons of the Covid religion are its day-to-day managers, these are the state governors and countries’ prime ministers and presidents.  They get their marching orders from the Bishops in their CDC and carry them out unquestioningly.  Since the CDC Bishops by-in-large have no formal training in economics or group dynamics - their only frame of reference being disease and epidemiology - horribly bad decisions on their economies were made by them and carried out by the Deacons with disastrous results.  These decisions of course were the “lockdowns” of all businesses and the entire global economy under the article of faith that somehow they would stop the scary coronavirus.  They didn’t.


Covidanity’s “Priests”

   All successful religions need their priests at the ground level to deliver the religious narrative and keep the followers on message.  The “priests” of Covidanity are the talking bubble heads in the establishment, corporate media syndicate.  They parrot the edicts from on high as proclaimed from the WHO Pope, the Bishops in the CDC and the Deacons/Governors.  The message is generally one of fear and uncertainty for a person’s life and continued well-being.  Fear has always been an efficient motivator in religions. Fear of death, fear of burning in hell, fear of eternal retribution and now, fear of dying from the coronavirus of the new Covid religion.


Covidanity’s “Heretics”

   Like nearly all other religious beliefs, there will be a certain group of people who do not believe or follow the dogma of the new religion.  For example, early Christianity formed with essentially two groups; the Gnostics and the Literalists.  The Gnostics believed the story of Christ to be metaphorical and an image of man’s reuniting with his God in a spiritual sense.  The Literalists interpreted the story of Christ as an actual, literal, historical event.  These two groups co-existed for around 250 years until the Literalist flavor of Christianity won the day under the emperor, Constantine at the Council of Nicea.  The Gnostics then went underground with their message and were eventually annihilated with social ostracization, death and book-burning by the Christian Literalists.

   Today, the Covid religion has a great deal of “heretics” who don’t believe the establishment message.  Ironically, these heretics are able to use scientific documents and medical reports direct from their own country’s CDC to show that the Covid religious beliefs are a sham, a con, a shell game.

   But, a religious faith is hard to break within the masses, despite the voluminous amounts of evidence presented to them from their own Church leadership within the CDC.

   This information is clouded in mystery and labeled “Conspiracy Theory” by the priests in the corporate media in order to keep the Covidians in line and on message.  Dissent is not tolerated in the Covid religion.  Just as the Christian Literalists burned the books and other writings of their Gnostic opponents, today’s High priests of Covid at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other online social media platforms where the religious followers of Covidanity get their information, also delete and figuratively burn any message from the Covid heretics that does not comply with the establishment media narrative - even if that contrary message is based on information from On High, right out of the Holy of Holies within the CDC.


Covidanity’s Religious Symbol

   All great religions have an iconic symbol for their followers to rally around and use to identify themselves.  Hinduism has the AUM; Judaism has the Star of David; Christianity, the Cross; Islam, the Crescent Moon and Star; and finally, Covidanity has the Face Mask.

   Face masks are being worn by the adherents of the Covid religion today more for psychological comfort and to identify themselves as Covidians, just as Christians wear Cross jewelry and Jews display the Star of David.

   I suggest these face masks are only being worn for identification with the Covid religion and for psychological comfort because there is not one shred of evidence to support the notion that face masks stop or slow the spread of respiratory viruses.  Even the Bishops at the U.S. CDC have published, but don’t talk about, randomized control trials to show face masks, either surgical or cloth, have never been proven to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.  In fact, their research has shown that cloth face masks - the type most popular among the Covidians today - actually increase the chances of respiratory viral infection. 

   Yet, none of that matters when you’re wearing the face mask as an article of faith and identity, rather than for a scientifically verifiable and objective purpose.


Covidanity’s Commandments

   Most religious beliefs have a list of commandments for their followers to adhere to in order to stay in the good graces of the congregation, church leadership and ultimately their god.

   The Hindu had multiple gods to appease so their commandments were very diverse.  The Jews have 613 laws to follow in their Torah, but 10 of them surfaced to the top (those ten appear to be inspired by the Negative Confessions of the older religious beliefs of ancient Egypt).  Covidanity also has developed a list of commandments.  They are;


1.  Thou shalt believe in COVID-19 and fear it with all your heart and mind.

2.  Thou shalt not believe any other narrative on COVID-19 than that espoused by the priests in the establishment media.

3.  Thou shalt wear a face mask at all times, forever, even if you’re alone.

4.  Thou shalt social distance at 3 feet, 4.5 feet or 6 feet (depending on the country you’re in) while wearing a face mask.

5.  Thou shalt stay home at all times and submit to lockdowns, unless you must get out for essential products or services.

6.  Thou shalt not meet in person in groups of more than 50 people. 

7.  Thou shalt use Zoom or other online multimedia sources to conduct business meetings and educational classes.

8.  Thou shalt not use vitamins or minerals to enhance your immune system.

9.   Thou shalt not question the veracity of RT-PCR tests.

10.  Thou shalt accept all deaths certified as COVID-19 as if they actually were caused by COVID-19, even if they weren’t.


   This, my friends is the state-sponsored religion of Covidanity.  Get ready for the Great Purge that’s coming against all COVID heretics as the global elite seeks to rid the world of anyone who disagrees with the COVID-19 establishment narrative.  This will not be the first time a religious belief system used fear and intimidation coupled with government power to impose itself on the minds of society and exterminate its opponents with extreme prejudice.


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