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Radical Transgender Group Writing Sexual Curriculum For Maine Schools, Targeting Children in Kindergarten


Confusing Young Boys and Girls about Their Gender is Now More Important Than Teaching them to Read, Write and do Simple Math

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 27, 2022

AUGUSTA, Maine “ Radical, leftist, transgender group, OUT Maine has produced sexually-charged curriculum promoting transgenderism (boys thinking they are girls and girls thinking they are boys) to children as young as five years of age within Maine schools.

  The group has designed the curriculum specifically to normalize the abnormal behavior in children and to reinforce it whenever it presents itself.  In documents from OUT Maine obtained by Fort Fairfield Journal, it is noted that their slogan is “lifting up Maine's Queer Youth”  But upon closer review, it's more than just lifting up the queer youth or teaching children to be more tolerant of sexually deviant behavior and confusion over one's gender, it's actually designed to promote and encourage those behaviors throughout the school population  in K-12 throughout Maine.

  According to the OUT Maine queer sex/transgender document, “ The Maine Department of Education supports all LGBTQ+ identifying lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender queer and questioning students, families, and school staff.”

  It is noteworthy that the document does not mention whether or not the Maine DOE supports traditional family values or naturally congruent heterosexual relationships or statuses.

  The OUT Maine document goes on, “To support the DOE efforts, OUT Maine built a set of learning activities to embed the life experiences of LGBTQ+ people into schools' learning curricula.  These curriculum activities are designed to supplement educational content currently being utilized in schools. We offer deep thanks to GLESN (, the Human Rights Campaign ( and Learning for Justice ( for their excellent work that provided the foundation for these activities.  In addition to our modifications, we have linked the activities directly to the Maine Learning Standards for educator ease.”

Furthermore, the document states, “The curriculum is organized by grade levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and follows the Second Step Scope and Sequence by grade level.  These lessons are designed for any classroom teacher and all lessons are compatible with the Maine Learning Results and/or Early Learning Development Standards which can be found at the end of each lesson.”  OUT Maine also produced a series of curriculum for grades 9-12.

  The Grades K-2 curriculum designed by OUT Maine forces a captive audience of 5- to 7-year olds to learn and accept gender dysphoria and other sexually related issues outside of their maturity level through cleverly crafted children's books on the subject.  One of the books, entitled, And Tango Makes Three uses a children's story about two homosexual penguins with their penguin child - which would be a freak of nature if it actually occurred in reality - to normalize the “non-traditional” family.  From there the book list degenerates even further with such titles as, Introducing Teddy, a story of two male teddy bears where one believes he is a girl and his friend accepts it as normal; and the Orwellian Newspeak book entitled They, She, He easy as ABC, which is designed to purposefully alter the English language by adopting gender pronouns that do not associate with the biological gender of the individual.

  Other book titles for grades K-2 on the OUT Maine suggested book list are: Bunnybear, a children's story about how a bear believes he is a bunny - again, another freak of nature if it were to actually occur; Jacob's New Dress; My Princess Boy; and It Feels Good to be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity which is described by OUT Maine as “Some people are boys.  Some people are girls.  Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between...”  Young, impressionable minds in the captive audience of K-2 public school students will certainly be more confused than they were when they started after being forced to read this leftist drivel.

  While most students who attend 12 years of public school, ultimately graduating from the 12th grade, cannot do simple math in their heads or compose a complete thought in paragraph form, schools today are focusing on this type of gender confusing curriculum over the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic at great expense to their student population.  OUT Maine has provided a complete curriculum model for Maine schools from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade, thus normalizing a deviant behavior and affirming and encouraging it every step of the way.

  Gender dysphoria is real but it is not as common as it's being made out to be and it mostly occurs in young boys who eventually outgrow it if they are left alone.  Abigail Shrier, J.D.  author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters has interviewed many transgender male adults who believe they are female.  She explains, “Gender dysphoria, the severe discomfort in one's biological sex, is absolutely real.  It's also exceedingly rare, typically afflicting 0.01 percent of the population and overwhelmingly males.  So, roughly one in ten thousand males.  It typically began in early childhood ages 2 - 4, little boys insisting 'no mommy, I'm not a boy, I'm a girl.'  Boys who are insistent, persistent and consistent in this feeling they were in the wrong body.  It is, by all accounts, excruciating.  I've talked to many transgender adults, most of them biological males, and they describe the endless chafe of a body that feels all wrong.” 

  Shrier goes on, “These were overwhelmingly little boys and, if left alone - meaning with no intervention to either change their name and pronouns  - what we now call 'social transition' - and no medical intervention, over 70 percent of these kids typically outgrew gender dysphoria on their own.  Most would end up as gay men; some would not outgrow it and go on to what we used to call transexuals.”

  But, academia, teacher's unions and the mental health profession - predominately composed of hard-left activists - seek out and encourage that behavior in young, impressionable students.  “Today, we don't just leave kids alone who say this and let the chips fall where they may;  letting some kids outgrow their gender dysphoria and others to transition when they reach adulthood,” said Shrier.  “Nearly all doctors, psychologists and social workers practice affirmative care, that is, they have accepted that it is their job to immediately affirm or agree with the patient's self-diagnosis and to immediately help them medically transition to the opposite sex.  Teachers affirm young children in school both by teaching the class that only they, the children, know their true genders and encouraging the kids to reintroduce themselves to the class with their new name and pronouns.”

  During the course of her research, Shrier found there are three levels of transgenderism, all unrelated to the others.  They are:

1.)  The classic case of gender dysphoria described above, mostly in very young males;

2.) The social contagion of peer pressure to adopt the gender dysphoria label, this happens mostly in teenage females.  In addition to social pressure from their peers, there are a great many social media influencers who work to convince troubled teen girls that identifying as trans and starting a course of testosterone will cure all of their problems.  This creates a very fast-spreading social phenomenon; and

3.)  Activists who exploit the confusion and sympathies around the transgender issue in order to invade women's protected spaces and destroy women's sports.

  Shrier says she always respects the use of transgenders' preferred pronoun, but she says she will never lie.  “I will never say trans women [biological men who believe they are female] are women.  This is a dangerous lie.  It's a lie which, when promoted in public, leads to unjust and even dangerous consequences for women and girls.  When we lie in public [about transgender issues] we usher in all kinds of consequences; the obliteration of women's protective spaces, and the destruction of women's and girl's athletics.” 

  The point of sexually confusing young, impressionable children is chaos and the destruction of the family unit.  “The chaos is the point,” said Shrier.  “Just as the point of Critical Race Theory is to turn the American people against one another, so the point of gender ideology is to stop the formation of stable families - the building blocks of American life.”  But, she adds, “This is not the goal of all transgender adults, but it is the goal of gender ideology and the transgender movement.  Namely, the creation of a new victim class eager to join the revolution.”

  With curriculum being developed by OUT Maine, and other hard-left groups espousing their religion of transgenderism now matriculating through Maine's school systems unchecked, we are unwittingly allowing a radical special interest group the opportunity to brainwash our children, turn them against their families and create a class of confused, non-thinking and malleable citizens who will believe whatever lie the left chooses to sell them in the future.

  Children can, and should, be taught to be tolerant of other people's differences.  But, this curriculum goes beyond tolerance to using change-agents to actively promote and encourage sexual deviance and dysphoria. 

  In the book, Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics, it was explained how former communists in the Soviet Union of the 1930's had developed plans to take down the United States using change agents, psychopolitical operators and the “Sexpol” to use sex as a weapon to confuse, distract and degenerate the social fabric of the American people, making them ripe for a takeover by Communists.  That program appears to be succeeding beyond those communists' most ambitious expectations.

  The solution to this particular problem is with the local school boards.  Electing the right people to those positions will ensure that these types of sexually-charged propaganda do not make it into the minds of Maine's young, impressionable youth within the context of a taxpayer-funded public school setting.