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Kennebunk Public School Students Choke on Woke


Busily Immersed in Sexually Dysphoric Propaganda and

Anti-White Racism, Students Still Find time to Stage Walk-Out

in Protest of U.S. Supreme Court’s Proposed Reversal of Roe v. Wade

So-called “Civil Rights” posters at Kennebunk Middle School focus entirely on sexually dysphoric terms, anti-white racism and newly created discrimination classes such as “ableism” in a series of posters placed in the school hallway.  There are no posters from the Civil Rights Team that actually enumerate the Civil Rights in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, or Article 1 of the Maine Constitution.  photos/James McMann


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 18, 2022

KENNEBUNK, Maine - Posters proudly displayed by the Civil Rights Team at Kennebunk Middle School focus more on sexuality, gender dysphoria and anti-white racism as they completely ignore actual rights enumerated in the U.S. and Maine Constitutions.

   This is a typical tactic of the extreme left who has embedded its activists into all levels of the education system in Maine in order to sell a confusing and society-disintegrating message based entirely on Orwellian “newspeak” that just a few years ago would seemed to have been ridiculous hyperbole.

   Kennebunk Middle School is part of RSU 21 which encompasses Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel.  This area of Southern Maine has been hi-jacked over the past few decades by transplanted leftists from Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut who moved to Maine to escape the mess they created in their home area.  But, they brought their social wrecking ball with them and have set up shop in Southern Maine to continue to wreak damage, now on Maine's society, legislature and young children.

      “Here's an example of ‘your tax dollar at work.’  It is an under the radar effort not meant for the prying eyes of conservative parents or conservative taxpayers,” said Jerry Collins, a local taxpayer in Kennebunk.  “But here it is: a flagrant ideological marketing effort  aiming to sell a left-wing,  social justice ideology to young children  at our tax-supported Middle School.”

   Most graduates of Maine public schools are way behind in their reading level and comprehension, cannot do basic arithmetic in their head and cannot piece together one complete, independently thought-out sentence.  But, they can wax eloquently on how many different genders there are, how white people are the source of all problems in society and how people with naturally lesser abilities should be enshrined as the leaders of society.  All of these ideas come from the extreme left and are designed to destroy society and create a whole new class of serf/slaves beholden to government for their daily bread.

     The Civil Rights posters at the Middle School feature such topics as Biological Sex and Gender Identity - which attempts to teach young children the idea that they can be whatever gender they want to be as long as the “feel” it inside their head, regardless of what their actual biological gender is.  The posters also discuss “White Privilege” as “an advantage that protects white people against any form of discrimination related to their ethnicity and race.”  However, it fails to point out that this policy is being used to directly discriminate against white people by offering jobs, loans and other benefits of society to minorities simply because they are “not white.”  Other convoluted terms such as Ableism, Non-Binary and Gender Specific Pronouns all receive top billing in this Civil Rights Team poster display, but nothing is shown regarding actual Civil Rights as codified in Maine and U.S. law.

   Mr. Collins is curious to find out who is responsible for these posters.  “Who designed them?  Who authorized their open, prominent display in a hallway, at a taxpayer funded, public school in the Kennebunks?   This is just one highly contentious affront to conservative parents and taxpayers in RSU 21.” 

   Collins also points out the posters are not school-child efforts.  “They are very professional and mass printed.  Where? By whose order?  Where are they distributed?  Do all schools in Maine receive them- and post them?”

   But the social justice activism did not stop at the display of propaganda posters.  On Tuesday, May 10, students at Kennebunk High School staged a 45 minute walk-out in protest of the possible repeal of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court.

   “This is another 'grab you issue' which might be called, ‘activism training for school kids,’” Mr. Collins told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “They are using the possible repeal of Roe vs. Wade  by the US Supreme Court as training wheels for social protest.  Our school kids, who may know little or nothing about Roe vs. Wade, or abortion, or the Supreme Court's deliberative process, or the undecided, in process status of “Roe” , were allowed release from their 1 pm math class to join in some kind of rally.  Sounds like, 'Let's learn how to bully the US Supreme Court about court decisions we may not like!’”

    KHS principal, Jeremie Sirois  did release a statement to parents regarding the walk-out where he said in an Email, “The school did not organize or sponsor a protest.  The students walked out and as the adults in the building we supervised their presence in the courtyard.  Staff were aware that there was potential for this.  It started at roughly 1pm and students were back to class at around 1:45 pm.” 

   The walk-out has Mr. Collins pondering a great deal of questions regarding the new protocols, such as:


-Are student “walk outs” during scheduled school class time  a regular happening ?

-Are there school guidelines for “walk outs” during class time?

-Are students required to make up academic time lost in “walk outs”?

- Are students who don't “walk out” of class provided with continuity of teaching during “walk outs”?

- How is faculty divided to provide both supervision of “walk out” and continuity of teaching during the walk out?  Do you have substitute teachers on-call for such events?

 -Would a student walk out aimed at the following be allowed?

    -Support for the US constitution

    -Support for the impartiality of the Supreme Court

    -Support for 'pro life”

    -Support for school prayer

    -Opposition to teaching CRT

    -Opposition to teaching 'gender fluidity'


   Collins says the types of ideologies promoted in his local school system are abusive to the kids by teaching a very radically polarized approach to abortion, to radical social justice, and to life itself.  “It must stop!  Everyone from the Superintendent on down has some explaining to do, and some corrective action to take.  Our children must not be used as ideological chess pieces in educators' private wars!”

   “This is a HUGE education systems issue.  Strategic interventions in the system and its multiple sub-systems need thoughtful, coordinated interventions to turn this massive assault on our children around!”

   Collins also received confirmation from an associate that the same kind of Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination happens at Biddeford Middle School.  This leftist indoctrination, however, is entrenched state-wide and all parents of public school students must be put on notice to the mental abuse being inflicted on their children under the guise of “Civil Rights.”

   Concerned parents are encouraged to contact their local school board, superintendent or principal to find out more about how leftist propaganda is being disseminated in their schools at taxpayer expense under the guise of “education.”