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Toxic, Potentially Fatal Chemical Added to Some COVID-19 Home Test Kits


Test Kits are not Approved by FDA for Safety or Accuracy


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 29, 2021

   Some home COVID-19 do-it-yourself test kits are being sold with the lethal chemical Sodium Azide as part of the reagent process.

   It was recently revealed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that Abbott, one of the manufacturers of these kits, adds the lethal chemical to their test kits.1  

   The test kit results are being illegitimately required by the U.S. CDC for international air travel for people two years old and up coming into the U.S., even though the CDC has no authority to issue or enforce such orders because they are neither a legislative nor law enforcement agency.

    The kits, being sold under the brand name “BinaxNOWTM” are not approved by the FDA for safety or accuracy.  Instead, the FDA has allowed them to be sold under the nebulous “Emergency Use Authorization” which protects the company from liability for any adverse health issues or deaths from their product.

   The kit does feature a small label warning against touching the swab to the dangerous reagent solution before inserting into the nose.  But, most people do not read the warning labels, much less abide by them.

   Sodium Azide has caused deaths for decades and even small amounts can cause organ damage.

   The U.S. CDC reports that accidents can happen with Sodium Azide, even in hospitals and laboratories with trained professionals.  “In one case,” the CDC reports, “Sodium Azide was poured into a drain, where it exploded and the toxic gas was inhaled (breathed in).”

   According to an article in the International Journal of Toxicology2, Sodium Azide is a chemical used in laboratory reagents and biologic fluids as well as in automobile airbag gas generants.  Fatal doses can occur with as little as 0.7 grams.  With smaller exposures, hypotension (extreme loss of blood pressure) will result.  The report states that all people who experienced hypotension after an hour after exposure died.

   The Material Safety Data Sheet for Sodium Azide says it is Fatal if Swallowed; Fatal in contact with the skin; Fatal if inhaled; and can cause organ damage, specifically the heart and brain, under prolonged exposure.

   Deaths from the accidental misuse of these test kits will likely be labeled by the government as ‘COVID-19’ deaths since they have been deliberately over counting and mislabeling those deaths for political purposes since the media-created “pandemic” began.