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Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms Could Have Been Misdiagnosed as “COVID-19”


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, August 11, 2021


   Severe Vitamin B deficiency, also known as beriberi, causes the body to present symptoms that can be mistaken for a number of different diseases, one of which is COVID-19.  When a misdiagnosis of Vitamin B deficiency is combined with the quirky and unreliable COVID-19 PCR tests, which give many false positives, people designated as a “positive case” are given the false impression that they have a viral infection rather than a shortage of vitamin B in their diet.

   Unlike the more commonly known vitamin deficiencies of scurvy (Vitamin C); pellagra (Niacin) and rickets (Vitamin D), most people are not nearly as aware of the symptoms of beriberi which is caused by a lack of Vitamin B (thiamine) in the body.

   According to researchers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Vitamin B1 Thiamine deficiency can affect the cardiovascular, nervous and immune system.  It also can create symmetrical peripheral neuropathy and high-output heart failure.1

   Vitamin B is present in meat, beef, pork, legumes, whole grains, nuts and eggs as well as many green, leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, peas and lentils.  Many breakfast cereals are fortified with Vitamin B along with other vitamins and minerals necessary for good human health.

   Coffee, tea and alcohol consumption reduces the amount of vitamin B in the body by blocking its absorption.   This deficiency manifests as symptoms that have also been linked to the infamous SARS-CoV-2, a virus which is so adored by the left-wing news media.

   A recent study found that of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, 15.6% were vitamin B1 deficient with 26.3% among diabetics with COVID-19.2   Vitamin B deficiency is also associated with increased mortality because it is integral in the autonomic nervous system which controls heart beat and breathing.

   Vitamin B deficiency is a dietary issue based upon malnutrition.  The cloth and surgical masks which served essentially as a panacea to make people feel safe - while providing no real protection from a respiratory virus - during the COVID-19 “plannedemic” aren’t even relevant when it comes to “stopping the spread” of symptoms of a vitamin deficiency.  But, these are the types of health decisions that are made when politicians get involved in the process.

   The aforementioned Walter Reed study noted that poor nutritional intake and alcohol consumption are the cause of Vitamin B deficiency in many cases.  This is the same type of scenario that was caused during the ill-conceived “lockdowns” of society by irresponsible and reflexive decisions by governors and leaders as they forced people to stay home under a high amount of stress for extended periods of time.  A recent Rand Corp./University of Southern California study found that these types of Shelter in Place mandates actually caused more deaths from all causes at the end of the day than there would have been otherwise.3

   Writing on, Bill Sardi has assembled unequivocal evidence that associates the symptoms attributed to COVID-19 with a vitamin B1 deficiency brought on by changes in the diet during the restrictive lock-downs.4  “Namely a 500% increase in drinking alcohol at home accompanied by increased consumption of sugary foods due to sleeplessness, caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea), all food and beverage factors that block vitamin B1 absorption or utilization.”

   Most doctors have missed the beriberi connection amidst all the hoopla and cacophony surrounding COVID-19 ginned up by the left-wing news media and ignorant governors spewing platitudes to the masses to make it appear that they were “doing something” to protect the people.

   “Modern medicine is organized into medical specialties to treat disease, not promote health,” writes Sardi.  “Modern medicine can’t imagine a disease that affects every organ and tissue.  In a doctor’s mind, beriberi is a third-world disease or a disease of the past.  Doctors couldn’t diagnose a case of beriberi if it was staring them in the face.”

   The left-wing media hysteria has created a vaccine-based narrative as the only solution to COVID-19 while completely ignoring dietary issues.  “The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control are overcommitted to selling vaccines, having purchased billions of dollars of these jabs before they are even licensed,” writes Sardi.  “The current agenda is to immunize the whole world before these vaccines are even proven to be safe or effective.  Forced global vaccination has become diabolical.”

   Beriberi, which can lead to death with very similar symptoms to COVID-19, is often overlooked as a cause of disease due to more profitable COVID-19 interventions.  “Doctors see COVID-19 through a lens of which insurance billing codes can they employ,” writes Sardi.  “Prescription drugs are preferred over natural remedies.  Expensive treatments that generate greater profits for doctors are preferred.”

   Sardi noted a report published in Frontiers in Immunology5where the doctor claimed a protein marker on the surface of white blood cells, CCR5, dictates the severity and lethality of COVID-19, a problem that is solved by a $1,600 drug.  “All of the symptoms the doctor cites as commonly reported among long-duration COVID-19 patients [a/k/a “long haulers”] are the same symptoms caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency.”

   Vitamin B deficiency can be easily treated with 200mg of thiamine either intravenously or orally 3 times daily until symptoms resolve or improvement plateaus, at which time the patient should transition to 10mg/day oral thiamine until expected recovery is complete.

   Long-term maintenance of vitamin B levels is then addressed with changes to a more healthy diet and lifestyle choices.