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“Delta Variant” is Just Another False, Leftist Media Narrative


Could be a Cover for the Illnesses and Deaths Being Caused by the Experimental COVID-19 gene therapy ‘vaccines’ - not a variant of the COVID-19 virus


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 14, 2021

  With their poor RNA error-correction capabilities and ability to so quickly copy themselves, viruses are quick to develop quirks and errors in their code and “mutate” into various strains.  The influenza virus, as with many others, does this on a yearly basis.  But, the left-wing news media is capitalizing on the public’s ignorance about virology by using scary terms such as “variants” and “mutate” in order to build a story about the SARS-CoV-2 successive strains that isn’t really there.

   The new flavor of the day for the left wing news is the so-called “Delta Variant” which they are now browbeating their listeners and readers with in order to continue their fear and hysteria propaganda campaign to hopefully recapture some of the sensationalism, viewers and clicks on their websites that they were able to glean from last year’s artificially created, scripted and stage-managed COVID-19 theatrical narrative.

   But, little is being reported about how the so-called “Delta Variant” isn’t any more deadly than the original COVID-19 - which has a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu - and that those who have been vaccinated with the experimental gene therapy vaccines seem to be dying from the variant more often than those who have not been vaccinated.

   All last year, Dr. Andrew Kaufman explained via YouTube video interviews that no one has isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and authorities have never proven that it exists.  It could be anything, from a variant of the common flu to a deficiency in Vitamin B1 Thiamine, which has the same kind of symptoms as expressed in COVID-19 disease.  Dr. Kaufman said that none of the virus experiments can be reproduced, so the unidentified specimens simply are labeled as variants and mutations of COVID-19.

   The left wing news media is capitalizing on estimates from mathematical models out of Imperial College, London which predict the so-called Delta Variant is “more transmissible” than the original COVID-19 strain.  However, these are not laboratory-confirmed data, they are mathematical models derived from the exact same University that was completely wrong with their death predictions for COVID-19 that they made in January-February of 2020.  Imperial College has also been wrong with every mathematical model-based disease prediction going all the way back to foot-and-mouth disease in cattle.  Nothing they have predicted ever turned out to be correct, or even close.

   In the UK's Technical Briefing 16 entitled, SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England , dated June 18, 2021, it was noted that of the 74 alleged deaths due to the “Delta Variant” since February 1, 2021, more than half were in people who had already been vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.  Those 74 deaths were out of a total of more than 60,000 cases so the death rate for Delta is extremely low.

    Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that about half of adults infected in an outbreak of the theoretical Delta variant in Israel were fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, prompting the government there to re-impose an indoor mask requirement and other measures.  This, despite the fact that after repeated scientific tests, face masks have never been shown to reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses.  However, there was no discussion on the possibility that the outbreak could have been a result of adverse side-effects of the gene therapy vaccines - which masks really would be ineffective at combating.

   Continuing with Donald Trump's “Warp Speed” mantra, Pfizer and Moderna have initiated rolling submissions of their biologics license applications to receive FDA approval for their COVID-19 vaccines, but they have not yet been fully approved by the FDA. 

   Currently, all COVID-19 vaccines have only received “Emergency Use Authorization” which many Americans have misinterpreted as “Approved” when the two are completely different designations. 

   Emergency Use Authorization simply allows the vaccine manufacturers to continue testing their product in the general public, if no other treatments are available, so long as they report their data back to the FDA.  Americans, in this sense, are essentially the lab rats in this ongoing medical experiment.

   This misunderstanding can be blamed on the left wing news media, and government leaders, who appear to be promoting an agenda to force these 'vaccines' on the public regardless of the adverse side effects that are now manifesting in the vaccine victims.

   The United States Army has been notified to plan for mandatory COVID vaccinations to protect against the China virus as soon as September 1st of this year when it is expected the FDA will make a politically motivated ruling to “approve” the vaccines that have to date been linked to the deaths of over 9,000 Americans.

   Demand for the vaccine has waned over the past couple of months throughout the military as well as the general public.   Meanwhile, the federal government seems to be getting more aggressive in its approach to coerce people to receive the experimental COVID jab, to the point of concocting a plan to send federal agents house-to-house across the U.S. to bully and cajole people into enrolling in the vaccine trials.

   Not coincidentally, the new ‘delta variant’ of the COVID virus has become a topic of concern in the left wing news media just as demand for the vaccines is subsiding.