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Magnetic Hydrogels Used in Gene Therapy ‘Vaccines’ Like COVID-19, But Nobody Wants to Admit it As Magnets Stick to Some Moderna & Pfizer COVID Injection Sites


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By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 16, 2021


   In the June 2, 2021 edition of Fort Fairfield Journal, it was revealed that small magnets are sticking to injection sites of some COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ recipients.

   Left wing television news networks, social media sites and even propaganda channels on YouTube have been out in force “debunking” such claims but all of them are conspicuously silent on the actual make-up and delivery mechanism of messenger RNA (mRNA) gene therapies such as the current Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are built around.

   Pfizer’s and Moderna’s so-called COVID-19 “vaccines” are not really vaccines.  They are a new class of treatment delivery called gene therapy which reprogram human cells to allegedly grow the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in them in order to activate the body’s immune system and create immunity.  These types of vaccines have never been tried in humans before and are still in the experimental stage - none have actually received FDA approval, only “Emergency Use Authorization” which allows for the continued testing of the experimental concoctions within the general public.

   These brand new gene therapies work by inserting pieces of RNA into human cells and cause those cells to grow the coronavirus parts inside of them.  But, injecting raw RNA directly into the bloodstream will cause it to quickly disintegrate unless it is protected until the cells can take it up.

   These gene therapies use lipid nanoparticles to protect the RNA until it can be absorbed into the cells.  These lipid nanoparticles have their efficiency further enhanced by enmeshing them in synthetic substances called hydrogels - a substance that can absorb a large amount of water but still maintain its original molecular structure.

   The control and direction of these hydrogels has been problematic for medical researchers over the years because there was no way to target them to specific sites within the body where the gene therapy was needed.  Then along came the technology of integrating iron oxide to the hydrogel material to make what is called a Magnetic Nanoparticle (MNP).  These MNPs can be directed to various parts of the human body by way of an external magnetic field.  These magnetic fields can even control when the drug or RNA incased within them is released.

   According to a March, 2021 report published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, magnetic nanoparticles are used in a variety of experimental treatments ranging from tissue repair to peripheral nerve repair to central nervous system repair and even applications involving gene therapies such as cancer treatments.1

   These magnetic nanoparticles are reactive to magnets, but are not magnets in and of themselves.  Various network television news networks claimed to have “debunked” the conspiracy theory of magnets sticking to COVID-19 injection sites by saying “there are no magnets in the COVID-19 vaccines” while completely ignoring the technology behind these types of gene therapies rely in many cases on magnetic nanoparticles to target and time drug delivery.   The iron oxides in the magnetic nanoparticles can attract magnets because they are magnetic materials to begin with.

  But, are magnetic nanoparticles being used in the COVID-19 gene therapies for either directed or timed release of the mysterious contents of the shot?  Nobody knows, because the pharmaceutical industry that produced them is remaining silent on the technology and appears to be paying news media sites to run cover stories “debunking” the claims.

   The technology known as magnetic nanoparticle-based transfection are based on principles developed in the late 1970s for magnetically targeted drug delivery.

   According to a 2006 report entitled, Gene Therapy Progress and Prospects: Magnetic Nanoparticle-based Gene Delivery published in the journal Gene Therapy2 by Dr. J Dobson from the Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine at Keele University in the UK, “The technique is based on the coupling of genetic material to magnetic nano- (and in some cases, micro-) particles...Magnetic fields focused over the target site have the potential to not only enhance transfection but also target the therapeutic gene to a specific organ or site within the body.  Generally, particles carrying the therapeutic gene are injected intravenously and strong, high gradient external magnets are used to capture the particles as they flow through the bloodstream.  Once captured by the field, the particles are held at the target, where they are taken up by the tissue.”

  Dr. Dobson then states that “In the case of magnetofection, as in the case of magnetic drug delivery, the gene is attached directly to the magnetic particle or carrier.  These particles generally consist of a magnetic iron-oxide either dispersed within a polymer matrix - such as silica, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) or dextran - or encapsulated within a polymer or metallic shell.”  He also describes a technology using carbon nanotubes which “were shown to be exceptionally promising as non-viral gene delivery agents” in a process called “nano-spearing.”

   In his report, published in 2006, Dr. Dobson was able to cite work done by others who “successfully transfected a variety of both cell lines and primary human cells using magnetic nanoparticle-based transfection, including lung epithelial cells, blood vessel endothelial cells, keratinocytes, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, aminocytes, and whole tissue samples of airways and blood vessels.”

   This is to show that magnetic nanoparticles are part of the mainstream medical research but are still mostly research projects, not fully approved.

   Dr. Dobson noted some of the safety issues with using magnetic nanoparticles as “The possibility of inducing an embolism [blood clot] due to the aggregation of magnetic particles within the blood vessel...Magnetostatic interaction and the capturing of large numbers of particles in the field may lead to blockage of the blood vessel before the particle/gene complex can be extravasated.”

   It’s interesting to note that while the COVID-19 gene therapy manufacturers are not admitting the use of magnetic nanoparticles in their experimental concoctions, there is an alarming amount of blood clotting in their unwitting victims and in many cases those clots are leading to death.  However, there is another potential cause for that blood clotting from those alleged ‘vaccines.’  According to a research paper published at the American Heart Association, clotting is due to a chemical reaction caused by the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 which is allegedly being produced in the cells of these ‘vaccine’ recipients.3

   In 2015, a research paper entitled  Magnetic Nanoparticles: Applications in gene delivery and gene therapywas published by Taylor and Francis Group in their journal, Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology4 noting some of the advances in magnetic nanoparticles.  In its abstract, the article states, “Gene therapy is defined as the direct transfer of genetic material to tissues or cells for the treatment of inherited disorders and acquired diseases.  For gene delivery, magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are typically combined with a delivery platform to encapsulate the gene, and promote cell uptake.”

   In August of last year, the journal of the American Chemical Society published a report describing “smart” hydrogels that are stimulus responsive.5  “The direct advantage of inclusion of magnetic nanoparticles into hydrogels is the achievement of magnetically guided drug delivery, which allows site-specific drug transport.  Moreover, in such systems, magnetic stimuli can be used to produce controllable distortion of the hydrogel matrix and remotely control the release of encapsulated therapeutic agents.”

   That last part of the magnetic hydrogels description is what’s most troubling in relation to these experimental COVID-19 gene therapies now being branded as “vaccines” and rushed to market at breathtaking speed even though they are still in the safety trial portion of their testing and have no evidence for long-term immunity from SARS-CoV-2 - if that was even what they were really created for to begin with.

   SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus that has been found to have essentially the same fatality rate as seasonal flu.  However, throughout 2020 the left wing news media as well as governors and leaders around the world hyperventilated endlessly about how “deadly and dangerous” it was in order to instill irrational fear in the world population.  That fear, amplified by unsophisticated social media users - and paid pharmaceutical company trolls on social media sites - conspired to create an excessive amount of fear to drive demand for the end product - a ‘vaccine.’

   However, this particular vaccine has been allowed to bypass all of the traditional animal trials, safety tests and efficacy tests normally required for brand new drugs, vaccines or medical technologies.  These so-called ‘vaccines’ are being rushed into market and have already directly killed thousands of people around the world due to their deadly and sometimes immediate side-effects.

   But, it has been postulated that these “vaccines” may not even be vaccines at all, but rather, a form of covert population control experiment where a gene is inserted into the human genome that would induce mass sterility or reduction in birth rates among the entire human race in order to reduce world population.   This theory is plausible since there was a noticeable drive to push these ‘vaccines’ to market amidst a hyper-elevated media campaign to artificially drive demand for the product for more than a year with incessant stories about deaths from the coronavirus which, again, has essentially the same fatality rate as seasonal flu.

   Given that the technology of magnetic nanoparticles has reached a point where they can be controlled remotely to time-release their drug or genetic modification cargo - those who have received what they thought to be a bona fide vaccine, may actually be carrying around in their arm a sterilization time bomb that, when triggered by government or some other malevolent actor, would render them at the least, sterile and unable to have babies; and at the worst - to simply activate a kill switch to kill them off prematurely.

    The sterilization and kill switch angles are purely speculative, at this point. But the drive to get the world to submit to this brand new gene therapy before any third party testing could be done; coupled with an overt 14 month media campaign to sell the vaccine using elevated and hyper focused stories on deaths from the coronavirus - most of which were people who were already suffering from up to three additional life-threatening conditions to begin with - should be enough to set off the BS-sensor in most rational, thinking humans to cause them to consider two things:  1.) Why was the virus marketed to be more deadly than it actually is; and 2.) Why the rush for an untested, unproven ‘vaccine’ to be injected into the maximum number of unwitting human subjects in the least amount of time for a virus with the fatality rate of seasonal flu.

   The governments of the world are infested with population-control Malthusians who believe the world has too many people and in order to reduce carbon emissions and thus attain “sustainability” a drastic culling of the population must take place.

   While many elderly and middle-aged adults have already died after unwittingly volunteering for these experimental medical trials, if this is indeed a sterilization drug in disguise, the actual target population is teenagers and adults of child-bearing age.

   With that said, it’s interesting to note now the push to “vaccinate” all school--age children as quickly as possible with these COVID-19 gene therapy concoctions even though the data accumulated over the past 14 months shows children of that age group do not catch, spread, or suffer from SARS-CoV-2.  So, if children are not suffering from COVID-19 disease, why the push to get them all “vaccinated” with this experimental gene therapy?

   Is the COVID-19 “vaccine” really a vaccine?  Given the hype and hysteria within its marketing, it’s probably not.