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Vaccine Companies Paying for Propaganda Placement in Popular Social Media Accounts


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 19, 2021


   Governments, corporations and special interest groups have been using television shows and Hollywood movies for years to sell their product or ideas under the guise of “product placement.”  If you see a popular brand of soda in a movie scene, for example, it’s likely the soda manufacturer paid for that promo.

   Product placement is ubiquitous in the world of media and has of course naturally migrated into social media where one social media influencer reported she was offered a substantial sum of money from a vaccine manufacturer to pitch their product, but make it look like a real life experience.

   The Instagram personality, known as 1776 Wife, revealed that COVID-19 providers are paying social media “influencers” who have large subscriber audiences to hawk their vaccines.

   She said the “pay-to-propagandize” scheme offered to pay her $1,300 to market the vaccine in three steps: 1.) sharing excitement about taking the jab or preparing to be vaccinated; 2.) sharing videos and images relaying what they’re mostly looking forward to after receiving the shot; and 3.) encouraging followers to share what activities they are hoping to engage in after vaccination.”

   Considering the paltry fees vaccine manufacturers are willing to pay social media personalities to hawk their product for them, the fees they’re paying major television network news organizations to essentially be their marketing agents must be astronomical. 

   Since the major television networks, newspapers and news websites all seem to be reading from the same pro-vaccine script, they surely must have been recruited as vaccine marketing agents early on as the pandemic story was being crafted.

   The whole point of forced face masks, social distancing and business shutdowns during the alleged ‘pandemic’ was to oppress people both physically and psychologically for months in order to entice them to get the untested, experimental gene therapy as a way to get their old lives back.

   So far, over 4,000 people have died from the COVID injections in the U.S. alone and thousands of women worldwide are reporting adverse health issues with their reproductive organs; suggesting the so-called “vaccine” may in reality be a covert biological weapon to depopulate the planet rather than a means to protect people from sickness or death from a coronavirus.