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Highly Cited COVID Dr Says the Government is “Scrubbing the Numbers” on COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 19, 2021


   In an interview with the New American, Dr. Peter McCullough said the government is downplaying deaths due to the infamous COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ by simply ignoring them, which has never been done before in history.

   With more than 600 citations, Dr. McCullough is the most cited medical doctor on COVID-19 at the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine. 

   As of April 30, the U.S. FDA’s National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reported 3,837 deaths due to the COVID-19 gene therapy masquerading as a ‘vaccine.’  Dr. McCullough says normally a vaccine or drug is pulled from the market by the FDA after just 50 unexplained deaths

   Normally, such numbers of deaths from a brand new vaccine would trigger an exhaustive investigation from the FDA, but no such investigation is forthcoming and the feds seem disinterested in starting one.  According to McCullough, the government has taken what amounts to a “passing glance” at the alarming number of vaccine related deaths from the COVID-19 shot and dismissed them with a bare minimum scrutiny.

   “A typical new drug at about five unexplained deaths, we get a black box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it ‘may cause death,’” McCullough said in the interview.  “And then at about 50 deaths it’s pulled off the market.”

   During the 1976 Swine Flu pandemic, the U.S. attempted to vaccinate 55 million Americans but after the shot caused 500 cases of paralysis and just 25 deaths it was pulled from the market.

   In addition to ignoring the thousands of deaths from the COVID-19 shot, Democrats in Congress have introduced the “Trusted News Initiative” as a coalition of all the major left wing news media outlets with government stakeholders in vaccination programs in order to prevent any negative information about the COVID shots from getting out to the public.  The media, then is working in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry and government to misinform the public on what is inarguably one of the deadliest pharmaceutical products ever foisted onto an unsuspecting public.