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Doctor Raises Concerns Over Long-Term Safety and Side-Effects of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccinations in Use Today


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 5, 2021


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi was recently interviewed by New American magazine editor, Alex Newman in a video where he described some of the inherent dangers in the experimental COVID-19 vaccines now being deployed against the population around the world.

   Despite the left wing news media's incessant politicization of the virus and the US CDC deliberately conflating the death numbers by changing the protocols for filling out death certificates to count everyone as a COVID death who tested positive even if it had nothing to do with their death, the actual fatality rate for COVID-19 has been found to right around the death rate of regular seasonal flu. 

   While the U.S. FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to Moderna and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines (recently suspending the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to safety issues), none of the vaccines have actually been “approved” by the FDA.  Since the vaccines are still in the testing phase, the FDA considers them “exper-imental” and the tests for safety and efficacy are ongoing in the general public who are in effect unwittingly volunteering as research lab rats for the vaccine.

   The last time a coronavirus vaccine was attempted, around 15 years ago for SARS-CoV-1, the lab animals who received the vaccine initially produced antibodies but ultimately died as their enhanced immune system attacked their own bodies when exposed to the naturally occurring coronavirus.  The current COVID-19 vaccines skipped the animal trials phase altogether.

    Dr. Bhakdi, who is an American-trained microbiologist currently in Germany, warns that the same thing is likely to happen this time around - and already has in those who have recently died from the vaccine.   “Doctors are forcing vaccinations on people and I believe they are killing people with this vaccination,” said Dr. Bhakdi.  “You are heading for the greatest catastrophe in your history.  When I think my birth country, America is going to be a living hell, I know that I will never come back to America.  Never.”

   Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration reports there are over 2,500 people in the U.S. dead as a result of these experimental COVID-19 vaccines.  The deaths range from blood clotting in the brain or heart to auto-immune diseases where the body's immune system sees its own tissues and blood as the virus and attacks the person’s body until they’re dead.

   Conventional vaccines use attenuated virus particles to train the body's immune system to build antibodies and fight the virus once infected, but these new COVID-19 vaccines take a different approach by genetically modifying the human cells to grow bits and pieces of the coronavirus inside of them and manifest those particles as part of the humans' own cells in order to generate anti-bodies.

   Dr. Bhakdi describes the COVID-19 vaccines as delivering gene “packages” to the cells.  “So, you are getting packages of the gene that encodes the [virus] and they're putting it in your muscle - not one, a billion packages.  That goes into your muscle.  It goes into your lymph and it also goes into your bloodstream.  You are getting a viral gene into your bloodstream and it's going to circulate.  Now, your bloodstream is a closed system of pipes.  Once in there, in the blood, those packages of the gene will never get out again because they're trapped.  They will then enter the cells that they are offered to.  Now, the companies who produced them have never looked, but I tell you it's those cells lining the blood vessels.”

   He then explained what initially happens to cells, and the final result, after they have taken up the artificially created genetic material and start to replicate it.  “These cells line your blood vessels all over your body and they will start producing the spike protein of the virus.  At the same time, waste/trash is produced from the protein that hasn't been used.  That trash that the cell produces, it places in front of its 'door.'  So, you have the spike and the waste [on each cell of the blood vessel wall].  This spike itself attracts blood platelets, which are little cells that start blood clotting going.  The moment it touches the platelet, the platelet gets activated and starts wanting to start the blood clotting.”

   This deadly blood clotting is what has already happened in thousands of COVID-19 vaccine recipients around the world already and may continue to affect people who have accepted the vaccine.  But, Dr. Bhakdi warns there is a second component to the vaccine response in the form of killer lymphocyte cells.  “Your killer lymphocytes are trained to see trash of viruses because then it will come and try to kill the cell that is daring to produce the virus which are the cells that are the tapestry of your [blood vessel] walls.”

   Dr. Bhakdi says he isn't sure where the genetically modified virus gene packages will be taken up, but neither does the pharmaceutical industry who designed the vaccines in record time.  “I don't know and the pharmaceutical industry doesn't know because they never looked.  But they should have looked.”

   He said humans are now participants in the largest scientific experiment ever performed in the history of mankind.  “We are going to find out which of your cells lining your blood vessels are taking up these packages and producing them so they are going to be attacked by your own immune system and destroyed and that's what's going to send the blood clotting.  It's got to clot, there's no other way.” 

   The most common side effects of receiving the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness, nerve paralysis, loss of motor control and pain in the muscle.  “When I heard all this, I asked myself what could be the common denominator?  The answer that came to me and my wife back in January and we predicted that there were going to be very severe thrombotic [blood clotting] events.  These splitting headaches are typical signs that the blood is clotting in the veins of your brain.  Now, cerebral venous thrombosis has been identified in the victims of these vaccines.  Every clot formation is potentially lethal.  If you have blood clots forming in your leg veins, they can turn into pulmonary embolisms that can also kill you.  Why don't people think about this?”

   Bhakdi warns that blood clotting isn't the only problem.  Since blood has a given level of 'clotting factors', once those are used up with the premature clotting, the body will no longer have the ability to clot blood when it actually needs to.  “Now with all this clotting going on, these clotting factors get used up.  If you use all your clotting factors you can't clot anymore and these people can bleed [out].” 

   The intensity of the adverse reactions will vary from person to person, being dependent on the effectiveness of their own killer lymphocytes.  “Someone with a very strong immune system trained in combat to see the waste products of coronaviruses are going to be more aggressive so, strangely enough, it's the younger people that have been exposed and are exposed to the normal coronaviruses that are probably going to get the most severe symptoms.  Whereas the elderly who are at home and their immune system has become pacified over the years will get relative less.  However, in an elderly patient with a pre-existing illness, the slightest next insult will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.”

   One warning the medical community has been giving (but not reported on television or social media 'news') is that the COVID-19 vaccine will cause people to become allergic to all forms of coronavirus, even the common cold, and manifest that potentially deadly allergy for the rest of their lives as the person’s own immune system attacks its own body.   “If now the real virus comes by and infects the lungs, those killer lymphocytes are going to come out and they're going to really get over excited about all of this.  What you're going to get is immune enhancement of disease.  This means you're going to do much worse than if you had not had [the vaccine].” 

   Dr. Bhakdi implores humanity, “For God's sake inform yourself and don't let yourself or your loved ones be vaccinated because if you have been vaccinated once, those lymphocytes are going to be even more active.  That's why the second vaccination has always turned out to be worse than the first.  Don't get a third or fourth or fifth because if you do that, you are going to contribute to the decimation of the world's population.” 

   “The limit has been trespassed and we have to do something to protect ourselves and the generations to come.  If you don't do this, you are heading for living hell and you are taking your children to living hell.  Now, tens of thousands of people are networking around the globe and are really trying to stop it.” 

   For those who have already accepted at least the first dose of the experimental vaccine, Dr. Bhakdi says all hope is not lost.  “The really serious adverse effects are only seen in about one to two percent.  So, if you belong to those 98 to 99 percent that have escaped being taken (killed) this time, be happy and I'm happy for you.  But, don't take it [the COVID-19 vaccine] another time.   If you want trouble, you'll get trouble.  Don't do it and stand up and stop the others from doing it.   Don't continue this vaccine.  Remember that you may be the next to go.”

   In the U.S., the vaccine manufacturers have been granted complete immunity from prosecution for damages or wrongful death as a result of their experimental vaccines and thus, cannot be sued.  Given that the adverse affects of enhanced immune disease could be delayed in many people for up to several years, the vaccine manufacturers also have plausible deniability for all of the other adverse health issues, or deaths, that result from their vaccines years after they were given.  These long term side effects are currently not known given the “warp speed” at which the vaccines were produced under the direction and guidance of former U.S. president, Donald Trump.  The current human population are, in effect, the test subjects in the long term safety trials for the COVID-19 vaccines.