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Letter to Editor: Is Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine Being Disloyal to President Trump?


Dear Mr. Deschesne:

   I am 66 and have no intention of getting the covid vaccine.  Reasons vary from safety, efficacy, and politics.  On one hand, I feel I am betraying my support of the great President Trump, since he was instrumental in developing them.  Yet, I also do not want the doddering fool (and CDC, Fauci, et al) to tell me what to do.   Am I disloyal to President Trump?   Am I a hypocrite?  Am I not sticking to my convictions?

I will appreciate your insight.

- J.


Dear J.

   When it comes to the vaccine, I think Trump was just a political puppet doing what the globalist controllers (who allowed him into office, anyway) told him to do. So, no, you are not 'betraying' him if you don't accept the vaccine.  At the end of the day it is you alone who has to live inside your body and with the consequences of your health decisions - not a President, Governor, CDC Director or any other political wonk.

   I wouldn't trust the COVID-19 vaccine, even if Trump said to.  Just because he's credited with removing the red tape to get them done quicker (actually they were already developed and applied for permission to do human testing in February 2020 - a month before COVID hit in the U.S.) doesn't make them any less dangerous or experimental.  I think these “vaccines” were developed way ahead of time as part of a DNA-altering program to cull the population and the entire COVID-19 narrative was a marketing gimmick to gin up support for them, but that's speculation at this point.  Anything Trump did to move them along at "warp speed" was merely academic.  I think they were already finished, he just allowed them to be put into the population without the necessary trials and safety testing that has been historically required of every other vaccine or pharmaceutical drug on the market.

   The answer to the people who are questioning you if you got the vaccine yet  is, "Those are all still experimental vaccines and I choose not to participate in the experiment as a test subject." 

   The COVID-19 vaccines were all granted "Emergency Use Authorization" which bypasses all the safety trials and puts them out in public with the designation, "experimental."  The manufacturers are still required to catalog the side effects and efficacy in the general public just as they would a safety trial that normally takes five years or longer to conclude.  Don't confuse "Approved" with "Emergency Use Authorization" - the two designations are diametrically opposed.  The former has been independently tested and verified, the latter is a crap shoot that nobody really knows how it's going to turn out in the long run.

   I'm staying as far away from those experimental vaccines as I can.  I don't let politics or political affiliations and loyalty affect my personal health decisions.  After all, I am the one who has to live inside my body.

David Deschesne


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