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Lawyer Seeks Maine’s PCR Test Cycle Threshold Data in Federal Lawsuit Against Governor Mills & Dr. Shah


Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


BANGOR, Maine - Attorneys for Maine Stands Up have asked the federal district court in Bangor, Maine, to order Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) to disclose the number of cycles it has been running its PCR tests through during the last 13 months, and to produce the death certificates of all Mainers alleged to have died of COVID-19.

   This latest motion, submitted April 9 as part of the complaint filed March 9, would ordinarily not occur until later in the litigation process.  But the filing details the urgency:

   Maine CDC bases its “confirmed case” count and covid-19 death tally on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results.  And these results are the basis of Governor Mills’ lockdowns and other emergency measures, such as those requiring Mainers returning from travel outside New England to produce a negative PCR test results, full vaccination certificates, or remain confined in their homes for 10 days.    

    Yet research data shows that PCR tests run at high cycles return inordinately high percentages of false positive results. The brief cites findings published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases showing that PCR amplification cycles of 25 return 30 percent false positive readings.  When the tests are run through 35 cycles, the false positive rate reaches 97 percent.  Yet manufacturers of the six commonly used PCR tests suggest laboratories run their tests through 35, even 45 cycles. 

      The brief points out that PCR tests have not been approved by the FDA, and bear surprising disclaimers such as: “[t]he FDA has not determined that the test is safe or effective for the detection of SARS-Co-V-2.”

   The brief states that to date, Maine CDC has not released information regarding the amplification cycles, ignoring requests presented by members of the public under the Freedom of Access Act.

   “We are asking the court to order the disclosure of the amplification cycles of these positive tests,” said attorney Ron Jenkins,”because our State’s entire Emergency Mandate architecture, including Maine CDC’s ‘confirmed case’ count and its tally of COVID-19 deaths, rests on a foundation of PCR tests that may very well have been running at 35, 40, even 45 cycles, when Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admits cycles above 35 likely result in false positives.

   “It’s past time for full transparency, and an end to secrecy and the censorship of those who question the prevailing Emergency group-think.”