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Left Wing News Media Continues COVID Fear and Panic Campaign to Prop Up Abysmal Viewer Ratings


Latest Push Features Imagery Geared Toward Generating a Market for Unpopular Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


“LOONEYVILLE”, U.S.A. - The establishment Left Wing News television media has ramped up its COVID fear and panic campaign in order to salvage lost viewers and ratings as the COVID-19 plannedemic draws to a close in the minds of millions of straight-thinking Americans.  However, a cursory look at the actual case numbers trending in the U.S. leads one to wonder what all the hype is about as the positive case rate - whatever a “case” really means - hovers at less than 5% as the media convulses in fear.

   With headlines aired within the gullible population that watches their morning shows, such as;


Health Officials Warn of 4th COVID-19 wave as cases


- ABC News/Good Morning America


Top Epidemiologist on rise in COVID-19 cases, new vaccine timeline

- CBS This Morning


CDC Director Warns of ‘impending doom’ as COVID cases rise

- Good Morning America


one would think we are bracing for the impact of an Extinction Level Event asteroid within days - not a normal fluctuation in testing for a coronavirus now known to have a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu and a survival rate of greater than 99.5% for most people in the adult population under 75 years of age.

   A grown-up, non-hysterical look at the actual case graph as is being continuously updated by Johns Hopkins University shows the increase in positive cases of COVID-19 is nowhere near as alarming as the left wingers are making it out to be.

   When the above stories were posted by the establishment, on March 30, the graph below shows the cases had risen a mere 0.9% from the low of 3.9% a couple weeks previous.  This is still within the generally accepted positivity rate of 5% which would be obtained when a proper cross section of society is being tested.  When cases rise, it is usually due to an increase in testing of primarily sick people, among other wildly divergent variables. As of April 4, the positive rate had dropped to 4.6%

   Some of the variables that can skew case numbers artificially are the Cycle Threshold - a measure of the sensitivity a test has to be run at in order to even detect a virus - and actual hospitalizations of people sick with the disease.

   Given the U.S. CDC had instructed hospitals at the start of the plannedemic to test every COVID-19 hospitalized patient every 24 hours until they come up with two consecutive negative tests, and as many as 18 states in the U.S. are counting each of those retests as a “new” case (Maine is one of them) the number of positive cases being reported by the various states and amplified and distorted by the Left Wing News media are essentially meaningless information at this point.

   In Maine, as of March 30, 2021 there was a slight uptick in that meaningless “positive” case number, which parallels the U.S. trend, but only 78 people were counted as hospitalized as COVID-19 patients (even though they may actually be in the hospital for something else and just happened to have a positive COVID-19 PCR test result) and only 24 were in ICU as a COVID patient in the entire state of 1.3 million people.  These numbers in Maine have remained relatively consistent throughout the Left Wing News media’s so-called “surge” so there appears to be no real cause for alarm at this point.

   What may be the impetus for this increased media blitz on the television morning shows is a mass marketing campaign to sell the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to a segment of the population who is hesitant to participate in a vaccine program that has already killed over 2,200 people in the U.S. to date.

     Using fear and intimidation of “impending doom” they hope to once again suck as many gullible Americans into their trap as they did last year when much less was known about the virus and fear and uncertainty guaranteed viewers to be riveted to their televisions, phones and computers.

  Meanwhile, Florida has been open for months, face masks optional, and is continuing to see a downward trend in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Iowa recently reopened their state with no face mask mandates and their cases dropped significantly. 

   There’s a lot of chatter in the Left Wing News media about the dreaded “variants” or “mutations” of the coronavirus but all of those statistics are based on mathematical models, not real lab tests for transmission or fatality rates.  Coronaviruses in general naturally mutate anyway, due to the fact that they don’t have very good error correction in their RNA copying mechanics.  So far, most of the so-called “variants” are subtly changed from the original - which hadn’t actually been isolated or purified throughout most of the plannedemic anyway - and are thus no more deadly or dangerous than whatever the original was.