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Freedom Rally Held in Augusta

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 7, 2021


AUGUSTA, Maine - On March 20, over a hundred people representing various pro-freedom groups in Maine participated in the World Wide Rally for Freedom at Maine’s capitol in Augusta.

   Representatives from Beacon for Sovereignty, Maine Stands Up, Make America Free Again, Health Choice Maine, and Patriots With Attitude spoke during the event which was also occurring simultaneously in over 60 countries around the world.

   The rally was opened with a blessing by Isaiah Larry and a laying of flowers in remembrance of the deaths caused by Communist aggression in Tiananmen Square in China.

   “One of the things we as attorneys do is lift up our voice for those that can’t,” said Mr. Larry.  “Whether they’re unborn, whether they’re under communist oppression overseas or are under communist oppression here in America.”

   “Communism hates having the truth spoken against it.  Tyrants hate having people speak out against them.  We may not be larger physically than tyrants across the world, but we do speak out and they are terrified against it.  So, we remember this day for folks who stood for freedom in Tiananmen Square.”

   He proceeded to speak against Governor Mills and her COVID dictatorship being enabled by the Democrats.

   “A law that violates the Constitution is unconstitutional from the moment it’s written.  Mandates for masks, they’re mandated.  Now they’re going to be mandating vaccines.”

   He then took the Maine legislature to task, “We the People cannot wait for the legislature to take action.  They’ve had since last year.  They should have called it back into session.  I pray for those great legislators that have taken and stand and have done what they could.  I appreciate their efforts.  But we are running out of time.  We need to be pushing ballot initiative, court cases and fighting back now before our freedoms are gone in two years.”

   Karely Estes, president of Beacon for Sovereignty spoke about what motivated her to get involved politically.  “I’m going to talk to you as and individual, a mom who was not involved in politics or groups, really, of any sort and like many of you entered this fight feeling very alone.  After finding out my son was being masked in pre-school without my permission, I pulled him from school and organized my first protest.  Seven people showed up at this protest.  Some people made fun of this number.  I, however, was not discouraged, I was inspired.  I connected directly with six others and our sparks grew.  There is no way that I can ever know all the little fires I started that day but the remnants were coming out and it just took a spark.”

    Attorney, Ron Jenkins, who recently filed a federal lawsuit suing Governor Mills and Dr. Nirav Shah,  spoke on their horrendous overreaction and destruction caused by their edicts in Maine.  “We were ordered to stay in our homes and not to leave them except for certain specially authorized reasons.  We were ordered to cover our faces and our children’s faces with masks that obstruct our breathing and not to take them off inside or outside.  Our children were denied access to the schools and teachers that our tax dollars fund.  Our houses of worship were closed.  We were divided like cattle, segregated into arbitrary groups as essential and second class non-essential workers.  Our businesses were shuttered.  We were ordered not to go to work.  We were stripped of the dignity that comes with working for a living and providing for our families.  We were blocked from seeking routine medical care.  We were constantly bombarded with fearful messages about ‘cases’, ‘deaths’, and ‘variants.’  It’s no wonder that we’re suffering increases in drug overdoses, unemployment, mental health crises, domestic violence and abuse.  The true extent of the destruction is being masked by massive infusions of federal bailout money and that’s money that ultimately we and our children must repay.”

   “They say that COVID has caused all of this.  But the overall survival rate for this virus exceeds 99%.  We demand intellectual honesty.”

   “COVID did not cause this wreckage.  COVID did not shut the doors of our schools.  COVID did not close our churches, synagogues and mosques.  COVID did not segregate us into groups.  What is the legal and factual cause of all this wreckage?  The state of emergency unilaterally declared by the governor is the cause.  The summary edicts issued by the governor and her unelected executive officers are the cause.  They did this while the doors to the legislature were locked shut and our dissenting voices silenced.”

   Ryan Post, a fourth generation lobsterman spoke on behalf of Maine Stands Up! the organization that spearheaded the federal lawsuit against the governor.  “I have dedicated my life to truth, honesty, the constitution and the Bill of Rights and we are not going to be trampled over anymore.  It stops right here and right now!”

   “This is a grass roots effort.  It didn’t come from the top down, it came from the bottom up.  That’s why we’re all here right now...We need to stop living in fear.  Fear, take a ride somewhere else.  We use our consciousness to take fear and flush it down the toilet.”

   A member of the group, Patriots With Attitude named Nick also spoke to the crowd, and advised they were planning something big in Northern Maine for the July 4th weekend.  “It’ll be the biggest party Maine has ever seen and we’re going to tell Joe Biden to kiss our @$$!

    Independent gubernatorial candidate, Shane Drake was at the event campaigning for a smarter, more responsible governor to be at Maine’s helm.   “Problems should be handled by the community with full public input from the people - not delegated to legislators or government agencies,” said Drake, referencing the current governor’s unilateral, some say dictatorship, COVID response where the legislature, municipalities and people at large have been excluded from the conversation as she makes all the decisions by herself based upon the fear-mongering hype of the Left Wing News media.  “My policies, my platform are really just centralized around the constitution.  I’m not a super political person, I’m just a business owner, I’m just a veteran, I’m just a husband who’s managed to put one step in front of the other to make things work in my own life.  The only position that matters in the state, clearly, is the governor.”

   Drake says the office of governor, with the continued emergency powers , which are at this point unnecessary, has turned into a dictatorship with the legislative branch rendered essentially useless.  “I want to bring people together who are tired of the crazy on the right and the crazy on the left.”