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Anti-Viral Overdoses May Have Caused

More “COVID-19 Deaths” Than the Virus


German Doctor Blames Many COVID Deaths on Medical Over Treatment


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 27, 2021

   While the U.S. CDC says around 400,000 people in the U.S. have died with COVID-19, but then quietly admit in the fine print of their comorbidities data that only 6% of those deaths are actually a result of COVID-19 exclusively, a grotesque over-counting of normal, naturally occurring deaths of people who also happened to have a COVID-19 positive PCR test appears to be artificially and irresponsibly driving those death numbers up.  But, a German doctor says that many of the alleged COVID-19 deaths are actually from the medical treatments, not the virus, because doctors were over-prescribing and over-medicating their patients in a panic-driven hysteria that quelled good judgment and caused deadly medical errors in many healthcare facilities worldwide.

   Dr. Claus Köhnlein, MD, an Internal Medicine Doctor from Germany, was recently interviewed by Dr. Sam Bailey on her YouTube Health channel.  He has been in practice since 1993, treating people, specifically HIV/AIDS patients, who are wary of anti-viral treatments.  He is also co-author of the book, Virus Mania which was written around twenty years ago about the HIV/AIDS pandemic, but is still relevant in today's COVID-19 narrative.

   The U.S., the U.K., Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands have been negatively affected by significant excess mortality throughout 2020, meaning there were statistically more deaths in those countries than in preceding years, leading many people to accept that as prima facie evidence COVID-19 is a potentially deadly virus.   The excess deaths started at the first of April, 2020 but these so-called “excess deaths” cannot all be attributed directly to COVID-19.  Many people died of heart attacks because they were too afraid to go to the hospital for treatment.  Others died of cancer that was not being treated because governments forced hospitals to cancel those procedures.  Stress-induced deaths from opioid abuse, domestic violence homicide and suicide also contribute to the excess deaths numbers.  But, still other deaths appear to be caused by gross over-prescribing of medication - lethal overdoses - in a frantic response to treat what has unfortunately become a media-driven, irrationally hysterical pandemic that is COVID-19. 

   Dr.  Köhnlein reviewed World Health Organization (WHO) studies and found the anti-malaria and rheumatoid arthritis drug, hydroxychloroquine - which is not toxic when used at the recommended levels - was starting to be used to treat COVID-19 at the outset of the pandemic, but doctors were using it at dangerously high levels under the false assumption that 'more is better.'  “I looked at the data and saw that they started with hydroxychloroquine in a very high dose; 2.4 grams on the first day, followed by 800 mg for 10 days.  So people had in their blood after 10 days almost 10 grams of hydroxychloroquine,” said .  Dr.  Köhnlein.  “The normal dose is 200 to 400 mg.  That's relatively non-toxic.  But, hydroxychloroquine has a very short therapeutic range [i.e. Small Therapeutic Index] which means you can overdose it very easily and that is what happened in April.”

  “[For] the sharp increase in deaths, the only explanation is the overdose in hydroxychloroquine.”

   Dr.  Köhnlein said his peers in Germany's medical community were anxious that the wave of COVID-19 deaths would come to their country, too, but there were no mass deaths there because German doctors did not treat COVID patients with excessively high doses of hydroxychloroquine. 

   Doctors in England studying the effects of hydroxychloroquine found there was “no clinical benefit from use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.”    After this point, the studies on hydroxychloroquine were stopped and the excessive deaths intriguingly stopped at the exact same time, too.

   “Hydroxychloroquine, if you use it in this high dosage, it causes lethal heart arrhythmias.  That's why it's used in euthanasia,” said Dr.  Köhnlein.  “The question is, how could this happen?  How could it happen that they take this high dosage?” 

   As it turns out, it was likely a medical error at the outset where doctors in years past had treated parasitic infections with (diiodo)hydroxyquinoline in high doses successfully and  Dr.  Köhnlein suggests that the close spelling of that drug to hydroxychloroquine may have been misinterpreted in the initial stages of COVID-19 studies and the high doses errantly applied, causing the mass lethality in the beginning stages of the pandemic.  “I think they confused it.  That's the only explanation I have for this high dosage regime.  Not everybody dies from it but very susceptible, very old people have a higher chance of dying from [the hydroxychloroquine overdose].”

   The virus seemed to stop at the borders of countries in some cases, with no apparent explanation.  For example, Belgium is a direct neighbor to Germany and there was a very high spike in Belgium's deaths in April, but no spike in Germany.  “There's no other explanation than it's the treatment that caused this damage,” said Dr.  Köhnlein.  This is because Germany did not treat COVID-19 patients with the same level of hydroxychloroquine than Belgium, or other countries with high death rates.

   Last Spring, the medical journal, the Lancet published a story about a man who had fever, cough, tiredness and shortness of breath and was diagnosed as having COVID-19.  He was treated with anti-viral drugs such as Interferon alpha 2B, Lopinavir and Ritonavir as well as the antibiotic, Moxifloxacin and Cortisone.  Despite all of these treatments he died after 14 days, fueling the narrative that COVID-19 is a super deadly disease.  Dr.  Köhnlein suggests that COVID-19 was not the proximate cause of his death, but rather it was from an overdose of the drugs he was given to treat it.  “They gave him up to 500 mg of Cortisone per day when we usually treat with 50 mg per day.  Cortisone in these high doses stops your immune system completely,” said Dr.  Köhnlein.  “So this patient had no chance.  You stop the immune system and the virus can do whatever it wants.” 

   A similar instance of death by medicine happened in the first SARS COV outbreak over a decade ago.  Dr. Carlo Urbani was diagnosed with SARS COV-1 and the same trend of over treatment can be attributed to his death, as well.  “I looked at data of the treatment.  He got antiviral treatment with Ribavirin, which is a very toxic drug and he also got Interferon and Cortisone, he got everything which is suitable to kill him.  In my view, he died because of the treatment and that gave the disease a deadly image.  Doctors never think that people are dying because of their treatment.”

   “This is a therapy driven by fear.  If you do everything like was done in that case and the patient dies, then you did whatever you can, but the patient still died.  This is the problem in our time - the big danger is over treatment,” said Dr.  Köhnlein.  “The danger of over treatment is everywhere because the pharma industry wants to sell diseases.  They cannot earn money on diseases that are self-limiting.”

   Dr.  Köhnlein describes a 'self-limiting' disease as one that comes and goes like the flu and says COVID-19 behaves in the same way.  “It has no more killing potential than the normal, yearly flu.   That's what the data says now.  The WHO has accepted a paper published by John Ioannidis from Stanford University that shows COVID-19 has no more killing potential than the normal flu and that's why the things we're doing are ridiculous at the moment.  The masks and the lockdowns are damaging the whole population, they make the people depressed, the suicide rate is climbing up.  It's unbelievable.  I think it's a political thing, it's not a health problem.”

  While some observational studies have been published that show hydroxychloroquine, when combined with zinc and Azithromycin show positive beneficial effects when used to treat COVID-19,  Dr.  Köhnlein doesn't believe those treatments - even when done at the proper levels - can be fairly credited with a positive outcome.  “COVID-19 is a self-limiting disease.  So, you can do whatever you want.  If you don't kill the patient with [the treatment], he will recover.”

   He also noted that the studies were not placebo controlled.  “I would love to see some studies that are placebo controlled.  We are lacking that.  These are observational studies that show that people recover after this treatment.  Well, I also had some patients who had COVID-19 and I did nothing at all.  I suggested they stay at home until they are healthy again like the common cold and that works, as well.  I don't see any sense for hydroxychloroquine because it's still immunosuppressant, we use it in autoimmune diseases.  If you have a placebo controlled trial that shows hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and Azithromycin is better than placebo then I would say okay, let's take it.  But, in the absence of good placebo controls it's just useless.”  Dr.  Köhnlein said he would only treat a patient who was getting pneumonia.  “That's usually a bacterial super infection; then Azithromycin is a very good treatment.”

   In the early days of his practice, Dr.  Köhnlein worked through the HIV/AIDS pandemic and found similarities in high death rates then in the same way we are now experiencing in COVID-19.  “We treated people at the time with 1500 mg of AZT which was the first drug approved to treat HIV.  This was announced in the New England Journal of Medicine which was a placebo controlled trial that was stopped too early to see the detrimental effect of AZT.  But the fear was very great at that time.  We stopped that treatment four years later when the Concord study came, which showed the more AZT you take, the more deadly is the disease.  There was a big peak [in deaths] in 1990 - 91 similar to now with COVID-19, then we stopped that drug and used other drugs that did not have bad side-effects.”

  Dr.  Köhnlein places the blame on the AZT disaster of the early 1990's on Dr. Anthony Fauci, who pushed for AZT overuse at the time - despite the warning signs against it - and is now making the same mistakes with the current COVID-19 response.  “Dr. Fauci says COVID-19 is such a terrible foe and humanity has no defenses against it, that is complete nonsense.”

   “The danger of over treatment is everywhere which is why we need these placebo controlled studies.  I hope that treatments against COVID-19 stop now because of all these bad experiences.  When you look at the side effects of Remdesivir it's the same thing as AZT, it has no use whatsoever in acute viral infection because it is also immunosuppressive.” 

  One of the physiological effects of COVID-19 is the interleukin storm. But, Dr.  Köhnlein says that's a normal immune system response of the body.  “The interleukin storm is nothing more than the defense of the body against viruses.  If you stop that, then you stop the immune response of the host and that makes it easier for the virus to do damage.”

   “It's wrong to fight against viruses.  We have to live with them.  You have to live with viruses and you cannot fight against them.  It's useless. [These treatments are] damaging the host, that's what you get.  There is no treatment against COVID-19.  All the treatments used against COVID-19 are uncontrolled.”    Dr.  Köhnlein said the best treatment for COVID-19 is to rest, “like you do with the flu.”  “You don't treat the flu; that doesn't work, it never works.  You can't fight against viruses.  You have to relax and you will recover because you have an immune system and it works.”

   “We are not dying from infectious disease at the moment, we have other problems.  We are dying from cancer and heart diseases, but not an infectious disease,” explained Dr.  Köhnlein.  “COVID-19 is not a big problem for us, it is just a coronavirus - we have them every year but we don't measure them every year.  Now the problem is the world is testing for COVID-19.  If you stop the tests, the epidemic will be gone.  But that is obviously what they don't want.  They still want to show that there is something, otherwise they would have to admit that they had a massive overreaction and all these lockdowns were wrong and that's what they don't want to admit.”

   Dr.  Köhnlein knew Dr. Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test now being used errantly and recklessly to diagnose COVID-19.  “We had discussions about the PCR test and he said very clearly it's not suitable to diagnose disease with it.  It's much too sensitive because if there's one piece of RNA or DNA it might read positive, but that does not mean the patient is suffering from a pneumonia or that this result is causally linked to the disease.  That's the big misassumption that people are seeing at the moment.  The whole thing is a 'PCR pandemic,' nothing else!” 

   He also said the push in PCR testing is to generate a market for the new vaccine which will likely be ineffective.  “They want to vaccinate all of humankind.  That's good business, of course.  But, I believe it is very dangerous because this a fast-tracked procedure.  Even if you only had 1 percent problems, that amounts to a lot [of people] if you vaccinate the whole world.”

   The role the media has played in COVID-19 made the virus out to be much more dangerous than it really is, which caused the overreaction by politicians and the over-treatment by doctors which led to massive drug overdose deaths in treating the disease and is now manifesting in more deaths from suicide, opioid overdoses, heart attacks and cancers from people afraid of going to the hospital and domestic violence murders linked to the increased stress caused by it all.  “The role of the media propaganda is to make things [appear] dangerous,” Dr.  Köhnlein exclaimed.