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Letter to the Editor

Ed & Elaine Brown Update, June 17, 2020


Editor’s Note:


In the summer of 2007, Ed and Elaine Brown, from New Hampshire, were arrested by U.S. Marshals for refusing to file or pay federal income tax until the I.R.S. showed them the law requiring any of us to do so.  Elaine was recently released from prison but her husband, Ed is still imprisoned - even after his release date has come and gone.  To this day, the I.R.S. has refused to show the law that clearly states every American has to file a federal Income Tax return and pay the income tax.  The truth is, it’s voluntary.  Here is the most recent communication received by Fort Fairfield Journal from Ed Brown...



Ed & Elaine Brown, during standoff with U.S. Government at their home in New Hampshire, July, 2007.



Dear David:

   Your articles are appreciated by many, as usual.  One of the questions I’ve been asked several times is: How does he send out such an expensive paper?  I told them because he wants to have everyone understand that the news [he reports] is quality news.  It isn’t about the money, for him it’s about the truth and good journalism.

   At any rate, by your leave I have been promoting the Fort Fairfield Journal if that’s okay?  And when I’m on the street, in a much bigger way?  [editor: of course, you may]

   I have been hearing and noticing that the standing army of Homeland Security has been moving a lot of equipment around the country.  It seems (I get a sense) that there is good opportunity, during this national lockdown, to also move into America something we may not want here.   I have tried to reach you, but always an answering machine or not accepted, so I finally let it go. [editor: sorry about that, Ed, as you know I’m a staff of one person - not always near the phone when it rings.  I refuse to own a cell phone.]

   I’m back in a Communications Management Unit here and this one is a higher max. than Marion USP in Illinois.  I have again lost all outside contact with anyone.

   The U.S. District Court that is trying to give me life, while all other co-defendants are released, refuses to respond to any of my motions, even though I am pro se.  All counsel that the court provides is ineffective.  The court clerk sent me a copy of their policy that all court appointed attorneys are limited (ineffective).

   One of the huge, breaking news issues I have discovered can be found online with Cornell University’s paper entitled: Are Senior Judges Unconstitutional? by David R. Stewart and Ryan W. Scott, about 65 pages long.

   This Cornell memorandum is exceptionally well-documented and researched.  It exposes that the entire judicial retirement program is a fraud against the United States.

   When the judge McAuliffe and Singal were destroying Elaine and me on the charges of “Income Tax Evasion, Structuring - Aiding and Abetting,” and “Crimes against the United States of America” the entire judicial branch had already been doing what they alleged we were doing.  Only, they had been doing it for decades!

   Double standard?  Judge McAuliffe is now a senior (retired) judge and enjoys all those benefits. Hmmm….

   I have added this to my QUI TAM action case (enclosed).  I am not able to wait any longer to file this: my body is noticeably beginning to fail due to lack of adequate nutrition (minerals, vitamins) and these medical people have just shut me off from any assistance.

I am again isolated from any viable assistance and denied any in here, as well I don’t have any manner of redress of grievance.  The courts shut me out in toto.

   The case I am filing is: non-frivolous and I need to put it together correctly.  All I have is a golf pencil, pen and paper to go against the Deepest State with what I’ve got, as usual.  I’m beginning to get tired.  If I should pass, it will appear that I died of natural causes, but in fact it will be murder, by the agents/staff of the B.O.P. on orders.

   I have nearly been eliminated a dozen times (which will be stated in the QUI TAM Action case I have enclosed).  Torture and abuse for weeks into months at a time, but no one is listening.  Why, with such a benign case?  Because I know who they are.  I know their history for 1,500 years.  I know the who, what, where, when, how and why they do it.

   David, I don’t have DNA testing yet, but I’m beginning to think this cartel might be a sub-human.  Not to be confused with inferior; these people are exceptionally intelligent, “beyond the pale” so-to-speak.  They are a parasitic people who don’t work, physically and are not able to survive without a host.  They do not appear to have any outward emotion, are totally indifferent to ‘all’ other forms of life.  The knowledge of the three worlds existence (Freemasons speak of two) or growing realization of its existence has been coming at me for a couple of years now.

   I’ll explain it sometime if I’m able.  People are seeking answers of who we are and what it’s all about and who are ‘they’, but when you try to show them, they get nervous and suddenly have something else to do.  By the way, the age group that are finally responding are 30 and under.  They are really reading and seeking the truth.  I’m getting a bit hopeful again...Okay, I’m starting to ramble.  You’ve got things to do.

   The Cornell issue is nationally serious.  I’m setting up to expose the European Cartel that is trying to assimilate us all.  As they are finishing their coup-d’état Homeland Security is the cartel’s standing army in the United States.

   We have the cures and ability to end virtually all illness and greatly extend life;  We have developed/developing a nearly total new educational system for all children on a global plain; and We have come up with 22 other resolutions for better living as a species by consciously rising to higher (next) level of self-awareness:

 The Spartacus (Group) Project.

Thanks David,

Sovereign, Edward Lewis, Brown

Merrimack County D.O.C.

314 D.W. Highway

Boscawen, New Hampshire 03303


P.S.:  See you soon, I hope.


Ed Brown Complaint June 3, 2020 (pdf)