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U.S. FDA Admits They’ll Be Using Americans as Veritable Lab Rats for COVID-19 Vaccine Long-Term Tests


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal

December 16, 2020


   According to a U.S. FDA document entitled, Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation it was essentially admitted that the long-term safety trials of the new COVID-19 vaccine will be done in Americans who will either voluntarily accept the experimental vaccine, or be forced into it by their State government’s mandate.

   The COVID-19 vaccine being introduced is a radical departure from conventional vaccines.  Using messenger RNA, or mRNA, technology, the vaccine is designed to re-engineer the DNA of human cells to cause them to use their own cellular mechanics to grow what scientists believe are parts of the now infamous COVID-19 virus in them.  These viral parts manufactured by the human body would then in theory cause the body to develop immunity to COVID-19.

   This type of DNA/RNA tweaking technology is brand new in the scheme of scientific research and has never been deployed for any disease on such a mass scale after being developed over such a short period of time.

   Since the tests for the current COVID-19 vaccine have only been taking place for the past eight months, there is no data on what the long term negative effects of fooling with cellular DNA and RNA in people’s bodies will be.  For example, it is not known what type of never before seen blood cancers, lung cancers or other debilitating and deadly disease outcomes will manifest in the human population as a result of this RNA style vaccine over time.  Since it will potentially be tweaking the actual genes of the human cells, it’s plausible that these debilitating diseases could then be passed down to future generations.

   The “warp speed” COVID-19 vaccines completely skipped animal trials and went directly into human trials.     While researchers currently claim the mRNA vaccines are “safe” they do not have any long-term safety studies because the vaccine hasn’t been in use for enough time to verify what the adverse effects will be several years out.

   This is where the FDA is stepping in.  After granting “Emergency Use Authorization” (which simply means the vaccine manufacturer doesn’t need to wait for the FDA to conduct their own tests and trials before selling their product to the public), the FDA plans to monitor the population to observe the side-effects in real time - much the same way a lab testing a new vaccine monitors the effects in their lab rats.

   The aforementioned document is a PowerPoint style presentation given by Dr. Steve Anderson, Ph. D., MPP, Director of the Office of Biostatistics & Epidemiology.  He states in his presentation, “CBER DE Physicians will be reviewing the serious adverse event reports from VAERS for COVID-19 vaccines - review of individual reports, death reports, conduct aggregate analysis, case-series, etc.” 

   He also noted that “there may be limited information available at licensure on level and duration of effectiveness” of the COVID-19 vaccine and that “manufacturers may conduct certain COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness post-licensure studies” on their own vaccines. 

  The FDA, through its Vaccine Event Reporting System (VAERS) will be monitoring adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine in real time in the U.S. population as it occurs.