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Governor’s Mask Mandate Not Working. So, She Doubles Down on “Anti-Maskers.” Calls for Arrest of those Following Science.


Being Led by a Religious Faith in Face Masks, “Big Sister” Mills to Use the Police Power to Impose her Religion on Others


With their minds stuck in March, 2020, Mills and CDC Director, Shah Fail to Realize 99+% of People with COVID-19 are Surviving.


Study from Denmark Confirms:  You are just as likely to catch COVID-19 wearing a face mask, as not wearing one.


House Republicans Seek Joint Resolution to Terminate Governor’s State of Emergency


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal

December 16, 2020


AUGUSTA, Maine – Legislative Republicans believe that Governor Mills' latest Executive Order is punitive, makes little scientific sense and will hurt Maine citizens already struggling to adhere to ever  increasing mandates with little to show for it.

   The Governor's latest executive order reinforces her failed face mask mandate by stating all businesses must enforce it on their customers all the time, with no exceptions for those with disabilities, and everyone must wear face masks under threat of arrest and being charged with a Class E crime.  However, a 2015 study published in the British Medical Journal showed healthcare workers who wore cloth face masks as PPE had an increased chance of catching respiratory viruses.  A recent study out of Denmark published by the American College of Physicians showed no statistically significant difference in the rate people who wore face masks and became infected with COVID-19 compared with those who never wore face masks.

   Given nearly all people are continually and improperly storing and reusing their dirty, contaminated face masks throughout the day, it may well be that the face mask mandate that Mainers are currently complying with at a rate of 99% is what is paradoxically causing the rise in “cases” to begin with.  Also, Maine's PCR tests are designed to be ridiculously sensitive and key positive on remnants of non-infectious viral fragments from past infections that are no longer contagious.  This is causing an artificial “surge” in positive COVID-19 cases, most of which should be classified as negative.

   “I really hope the Governor knows what she is doing,” said Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake (R-Androscoggin). “I am concerned how people react, at least in rural Maine about this. I am scared to death for the average people who are running little general stores, often alone, who must now confront customers who may already be stressed out over the pandemic when they walk in the door.”

   This past summer, a guard at a Family Dollar store in Michigan was killed after ordering two customers to wear a face mask upon entry.

   “Public compliance with nine months of ever increasing mandates is at its highest and yet we are no longer realizing intended results,” said House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham (R-Oxford). “There is great concern with having small business workers, in some cases teenagers, charged with ensuring compliance with executive orders. Placing such a burden on employees who are not trained in this area and forcing them into situations of conflict can compromise an individual’s mental health and safety. Again, encouraging citizens to call law enforcement officers when they see someone not wearing a mask, or too many individuals in a private home places, puts strain on our emergency services and is an overreach by those speaking for this administration. I question if it is deemed safe for the public to safely shop in big-box stores for nine months, why are we now being told small gatherings present a problem? If it is safe for a couple to dine in an establishment, which is already complying with reduced seating and other required protocols, what changes for that same couple at 9 pm? Those responsible for using evidence-based, scientific data to support these decisions should focus less on their celebrity status and more on the credibility of these arbitrary decisions in the face of growing public mistrust and discontent.”

   There is growing dissent against the governor's unqualified response to COVID-19 not only in the general public but now in the new legislature.  On the first day of Maine's new legislative cycle, Rep. Peter Lyford, (R-Dist. 129, Brewer, Eddington, Holden, Veazie) introduced a Joint Resolution to terminate the state of emergency initially proclaimed by the Governor on March 15, which she has extended nine times.  “These actions are a sincere effort to give the Maine people a voice by involving the entire legislature in shaping sensible, evidence-based, scientific policies to protect Maine without destroying more lives, our way of life, or our economy,” said Rep. Lyford.  “This is not an effort to end our response to coronavirus, it is intended to be the beginning - the beginning of bipartisan cooperation between two equal branches of government, as provided by the Maine Constitution, the beginning of public involvement through their elected officials, the beginning of a shared approach.”

   It has now been nine months without real consultation between the Governor and the minority members of legislative branch.   “People’s lives are impacted every day, with no ability for their voices to be heard. We need to begin legislative committee work now, in December of this year, not January of 2021.”

   The situation demands bipartisan action with legislative involvement.   “I want to thank the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate for allowing this Joint Resolution to be considered.  It required their consent to move forward.  I urge my colleagues of both parties to support this, so that we can all work together going forward.”

   Several citizens have reached out to Lyford asking how they can help Maine get back on track.  “I urge people to contact their State Representatives and State Senators,” said Lyford.  “Politely ask them to support the Joint Resolution removing the Governor’s state of emergency.  Ask them to hold public hearings in December to take advice from citizens, small businesses, health care workers and everyone with a practical idea on how to safely and responsibly move forward.    Faith in our government’s ability to respond to the challenges of coronavirus cannot be restored, maintained or enhanced without a true bipartisan response and shared decision-making. The public must be allowed to participate in decisions that affect their life, health and wellbeing.”