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U.S. Suffering Under PCR Test "Casedemic"

PCR “Positive” Case Hysteria Causing More Harm to Society than the COVID-19 Coronavirus


How the Governments Misuse PCR Tests;

Corporate Media Misreports on them; and

the Public Misunderstands the Entire Data


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal,

December 16, 2020


   In the ongoing Catastrophization of COVID-19 narrative, the Bangor Daily News recently headlined an AP story entitled, “U.S. virus deaths top 3,100 in one day for 1st time.”

   What’s lost in the AP article is the fact that, according to the U.S. CDC, 55,000 people die in the United States every week from all causes.  With highly sensitive and improperly deployed PCR testing going on in the U.S., many people are testing “positive” for the virus when theirs may be the result of a hypersensitive test triggering positive on non-infectious viral fragments.  The New York Times recently conducted a study that found up to 90% of positive COVID-19 PCR tests in at least three states should have been listed as negative due to this quirk in the test. 

   Now, the way hospitals are told to report deaths is that when any of those aforementioned 55,000 deaths per week from all causes take place and also have a “positive” PCR test result for COVID-19, those deaths must be reported as COVID-19 deaths, even if they were completely unrelated to the virus.

   Governments across the U.S. are misusing the PCR tests for COVID-19.  PCR tests were never intended to be a disease diagnostic tool deployed wholesale among vast numbers of the general public.  PCR tests are a tool doctors have used for the past three decades when a person shows up at the hospital with symptoms of seasonal flu.  The test simply suggests that they do  have the flu and which strain of it.  PCR tests have historically not been used to test large segments of the population en masse because the nature of the test will cause unnecessarily high positive rates and gin up fear in the public, which responsible healthcare workers know they shouldn’t do. 

   But, when you give medical tools to politicians, you can expect them to be mishandled and the public will always be the worse off for it.

  The corporate media establishment in both legacy television networks and print as well as the new online and social media platforms dwell on fear and panic in order to gain higher audience traffic to their media platforms.  But, when COVID death numbers are put into context with deaths from other causes, their hysteria is unsustainable.

   According to the most recent CDC data, in the U.S., for the first three weeks of November, there were 48,524 deaths from heart disease; 33,913 deaths from cancer; and 18,046 deaths from Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia - for Alzheimer’s/Dementia deaths, there’s a five percent rise this year over previous years.   While some people are dying from COVID-19, that rate globally averages only 0.2% - or just a little higher than seasonal flu’s fatality rate.  If some of those heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s death victims died with a COVID-19 positive PCR test, they were arbitrarily designated as a “COVID-19 death” by the CDC even if COVID-19 was not in any way related to their death.

   “It seems that people - especially the press - want to create this panic,” said Dr. Steve Bhattacharya, MD, professor at Stanford University School of Medicine in a recent podcast interview on Dr. Zubin Damania's YouTube channel.   “One of the things that I've learned from the seroprevalence studies around the world is there's a very wide range of clinical presentations from this disease.  It ranges from somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of the people that get it have no symptoms whatsoever.  An even larger part have relatively mild symptoms, it's like a cold to them.  A small fraction have this horrible viral pneumonia that kills them.  [The media] focus all our attention on the viral pneumonia and none on the fact that 998 people out of 1,000 are going to recover from it.” 

   “This is a new viral infection, that we don't have a vaccine for...although we do seem to have some innate immunity from cross-reactivity to [other] coronavirus, and yet we are spinning it as the world is ending,” said Dr. Damania, who is also Stanford-trained, during the aforementioned interview.  “That would be fine if we thought it would cause less harm to spin it that way than not.  But it's actually causing a lot of harm in terms of the response.  Whether it's suicide rates going up, substance abuse, economic catastrophe, mortgaging our children's future, [it's] creating inter-generational divides now.  I think that there's a lot of catastrophization and misunderstanding.  There's been a polarity that we've not seen in science, ever.”

   “We've learned a lot about how to treat the disease and we're much better at managing it than we once were,” said Dr. Bhattacharya during a speech at Hillsdale College.  “I think that kind of news ought to get out more.  The perception of too many people about COVID is frozen in the misleading data from March.  [COVID] is not equally dangerous to everybody.  This became clear very early on, but for some reason our public health messaging failed to get this fact out to the public.”

   Fear and uncertainty are fostered in the general public by misrepresentations of the facts by local and state governments, as well as the media, which causes untold psychological harm, increased suicide rates, increased substance abuse deaths and an unwillingness for people who are sick of other illnesses to go to the hospital for treatments for fear of catching a virus that has a greater than 99% survival rate for the vast majority of the public.