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Manufacturers Won’t be Held Liable for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage


The Only True Immunity in the COVID-19 Vaccine Debacle will be that Received by the Manufacturers from Vaccine Damage & Wrongful Death Lawsuits


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal

September 23, 2020


     As President Trump's “Warp Speed” vaccines race to the finish line with scant testing and even less understanding of the long term side effects of the new DNA bio-engineering platform being used for the first time in vaccine development, what's lost in the establishment media's discussion is the fact that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for damages or wrongful death in the United States and they've enjoyed that freedom from liability for nearly four decades.

   In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed the National Vaccine Act into law.  The NVA was based upon outdated science on the understanding of the immune system at the time.  That led to many thousands of vaccine injuries between 1962-1986.

   In response to those injuries, the  national vaccine injury program formulated so-called “vaccine courts.”  These Vaccine Courts exist in the Department Health and Human Services - not the Justice Department - and feature “judges” that are essentially pro-vaccine attorneys called “special masters” that are appointed by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  The “special masters” then decide who gets paid, and how much.  The creation of the Vaccine Court meant you could no longer sue manufacturers in traditional courts for damages caused by their toxic vaccines - and set the maximum liability for death from vaccine at $250,000 from a fund established by the U.S. Government.

   According to Children's Health Defense, Scientists first attempted coronavirus vaccines after China's 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak.  Animals were given the four most promising vaccines and the experiment seemed successful when they developed robust antibodies.  But when the animals were exposed to wild coronavirus from nature, the results were horrifying.  They suffered hyper-immune response like whole-body inflammation, lung infections and death.  These are the same types of responses being noted for the current SARS CoV-2 coronavirus that caused the entire planet to grind to a halt this past Spring and Summer. 

   But this isn't the first time such a failure was noted in vaccine side effects.  Researchers saw the same type of issues in the failed RSV vaccine tests which were conducted in the 1960's. 

   “One of the things we're not hearing a lot about is the unique potential safety problem of coronavirus vaccines,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, from Baylor University.  “With certain types of respiratory virus vaccines you get immunized, and then when you get actually exposed to the virus you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon.  When we started developing coronavirus vaccines and our colleagues - we noticed in laboratory animals that they started to show some of the same immune pathology.  So, we said Oh, my God.  This is going to be problematic.”

   Dr. Paul Offit, from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has concerns that when it comes to the current coronavirus vaccine for COVID-19, no one know what they are doing.  “We don't have any history of making a coronavirus vaccine so how are we going to make it?  Is it going to be an mRNA vaccine, is it going to be a DNA vaccine, is it going to be a purified protein vaccine, is it going to be a vectored vaccine?  Nobody knows,” said Dr. Offit in a banned YouTube video.  “And certainly the FDA has got to regulate this product because right now everybody in the United States will probably take it in a second even if it wasn't tested.” 

   The problem with Trump's “warp speed” vaccine manufacturing protocol is that it bypasses all of the long term efficacy and safety testing that would normally occur in other new vaccines and medicine.  The vaccines for COVID-19 were developed in February, 2020 and been put through only a few months of testing as they are about to be released to the public.  Meanwhile, other vaccines are studied for several years to determine what any long term effects might be.

   But, the vaccine manufacturers don't have to worry because the U.S. government has granted them limited liability with the de facto, kangaroo-style “vaccine court” system which all but guarantees there will be no long-term losses to the vaccine manufacturers due to catastrophic deaths or permanent bodily injury from  the hastily tested and unverified vaccines.

   Furthermore, to make matters even worse, some of the vaccines being developed under the direction of Anthony Fauci - and financed by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates (who has no degree in medicine or virology) - are being designed to genetically modify the DNA of human cells to produce pieces of the COVID-19 coronavirus inside of them and who knows what other nefarious ends the government has in mind for the people that inhabit a world the government perceives to be hopelessly overpopulated. 

   There have been suggestions that the COVID-19 vaccine will cause an enormous amount of death when it is rolled out later this year, but the news media will provide cover for it by simply calling it a “second wave” of COVID-19 and thus blame the deaths on the virus - not damage caused by the vaccine - and thus push for mandating every human being on the planet be forced to receive these untested and toxic vaccines.  It's also been shown that the DNA-altering biomechanism in some of the COVID-19 tests under development now will activate a “kill switch” inside the human cells to cause them to die off prematurely, several years after receiving the vaccine so the death won't be able to be directly linked   to the vaccine.

  Most people won't have to be forced, they'll gladly line up to receive a dose of potential poison if their Facebook friends and the mainstream television news media tell them to.  Peer pressure has never been so deadly.

   Vaccines historically cause some people's immune systems to overreact and in addition to fighting the virus, the immune system also attacks its own body.  One such effect is Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a side effect of the conventional flu vaccine, which causes paralysis as the body's immune system attacks its own nerve endings.  Autism in younger children has also been conclusively linked to vaccines due to the neurotoxin, mercury being used as a preservative to prevent the vaccine from spoiling in storage.

   At this point, there only appears to be one significant and predictable side effect of the “warp speed” COVID-19 vaccine...death.