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Maine COVID-19 vs. All Other Illnesses


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 17, 2020


   For all the hype being spewed by the mainstream, establishment news media, an analysis of Maine’s critical care bed usage over the past two months illustrates the lackluster performance of what the mainstream media was building up to be the their “Superstar” virus.  This chart illustrates the weekly average use of critical care beds for COVID-19 vs. all other illnesses and issues where patients ended up in a critical care bed in Maine.  The weekly average for COVID-19 patients in critical care was around 19.  Meanwhile, all other critical illnesses hovered just south of 150 before skyrocketing to over 200 by May 30 with the upward trend continuing through the following week.

   Intriguingly, the “all other illnesses” category began to skyrocket a little over a week after Governor Mills issued an executive order for everyone to “stay healthy at home” and to wear face masks while in public. Meanwhile the average weekly COVID-19 critical care patient numbers remained unchanged.

   The Maine CDC lists around 330 to 400 Critical Care beds in Maine, depending on the daily availability.  Currently, COVID-19 use is only accounting for less than 10 percent of beds in use - substantially less than the mainstream establishment, corporate news media sources have been suggesting with false or skewed news reports.