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Governments and Media Pushing to Collapse Entire U.S. Society With Coronavirus Scare

A run on - of all things - toilet paper caused Wal-Mart and most major grocery stores throughout Northern Maine to have their shelves cleared of that paper product within 24 hours on March 12.  The incident is blamed on fears of the mainstream media-hyped coronavirus.  Business Insider reports errant social media posts may have actually been the trigger for the irrational consumer behavior claiming toilet paper is used in protective face masks, which is not true.  Toilet paper is designed to break apart in water, while protective face masks are not.  photo/David Deschesne



By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 25, 2020


   What started on March 12 with a curious run on toilet paper at the Presque Isle Wal-Mart - which emptied that supercenter’s, as well as other stores’, shelves of toilet paper within hours - quickly morphed into a stampede as frantic consumers wiped out the stock of all paper products at stores throughout Maine before clearing the shelves of many food items as well.  With government and media hype fueling the fear and anticipation over the novel “coronavirus” COVID-19 it is certainly intriguing  that a trigger in the form of toilet paper could have sparked such widespread consumer panic.

   Panic in the grocery stores has spread like wildfire into businesses, and clubs with all public events and gatherings being cancelled or postponed for a virus which has up to this point been statistically a non-event.

   Maine’s governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills recently announced bars and restaurants must close their dining facilities until March 31.  Those offering take-out or drive-thru can still offer those options, though.  Responding to this new edict, the Fort Fairfield town council even closed its doors to the public for their March town council meeting.

   All public schools statewide have also been closed indefinitely.

“As determined by Governor Mills’ declaration of a civil emergency, we recommend that schools cease classroom based instruction as soon as practicable and for an indefinite period of time,” said Maine Department of Education Commissioner, Pender Makin in a recent press release.   “Local communities may manage this in different ways in terms of scheduling time and logistical support for students and families to access belongings left at school and to receive remote or distance learning materials if applicable.”

   While fears of impending doom over the elusive coronavirus are at the forefront of everyone’s minds courtesy of 24/7 mainstream media hype, along with a double dose for those who are immersed in online social media platforms, what is lost in the school cancellation cacophony is all those working parents of school children who either don’t have daycare, or can’t afford it, will have to stay home with no pay to watch over their children for what could be, according to Commissioner Makin, “an indefinite period of time.”

   “I can’t take time off work and can’t afford daycare,” one single mom told this writer.  “My fourteen year-old son has ADHD and isn’t even meeting the goals of his Individual Education Plan at school.  Now he has to stay home  and baby-sit his four year-old brother while being expected to finish his school work alone in that situation.  I don’t think anybody is thinking this through.”

   “It’s just a lot of hype,” a local shopper at Hillside IGA told this writer.  “Everybody is getting hysterical over nothing.  You just can’t shut everything down indefinitely and expect businesses and the economy to continue without consequences.  I think we’re all going to suffer more from these ill-conceived decisions than we are from the virus.”

   As businesses continue to throttle down operations, keep their employees home and reduce service, the cumulative effects could spark a partial or complete collapse of the entire economic system of the United States - a goal the malevolent political operatives who own and control the U.S. government have been working diligently toward for decades, but were waiting for the right opportunity to roll it out.

   It is likely that more people will actually file for bankruptcy, or be otherwise harmed, from these types of snap decisions than will actually die as a direct result of a coronavirus infection.  Yet, their stories will not be deemed sensational enough for the mainstream television and print media to bother reporting, as that industry is fixated on the mass deaths they are anxiously waiting for and hoping to be the first to report on.

   Not all in government are beating the drums for panic and pandemonium, however, since nobody really wants to live in that kind of “grid-down” situation.  Darren Woods, Director of the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) says that it is important for people to remember that while it is a good idea to stay informed and prepare at home and in the workplace, there is no need to panic. 

   “Healthcare officials are the lead agencies in this type of event, and we will continue to take our direction from them while sharing their important information,” said Mr. Woods.  “We should definitely heed the warnings of our medical personnel.  That said, we should remember to be kind and think of others.  As a society starts to get panicked, their decision-making skills also change.  Let’s not let ourselves forget who we are and how we take care of one another.”

  Maine is one of the more lenient states in implementing quarantine and social distancing.  While restaurants, bars, gyms, schools and other similar venues serving 10 or more people are closed, all grocery stores, department stores and convenience stores remain open at the time of this writing.  That luxury does not extend to the extreme left-wing liberal Democrat strongholds of New York, Illinois, or California, though, since those states are all under 100% martial law lockdown quarantine for everyone and every business, except those deemed “essential services,” for at least two weeks.

   These lockdowns may be merely academic, though.  There are unconfirmed reports that some colleges in Massachusetts experienced an up-tick in illnesses with coronavirus-type symptoms immediately after Christmas break in January of this year as the Chinese student population returned from their visit home in mainland China.  Anecdotal reports from various people in Northern Maine also report suffering coronavirus-type symptoms in January.  At that time, coronavirus hadn’t been heard of yet so it went undiagnosed as those people just suffered their illness, recovered and moved on.  If this is in fact the case, then the coronavirus has been circulating undetected in the U.S. since at least January and the most recent hyperventilation of states governors to shut down their states with quarantine at this time is essentially moot.  The cat is - as they say - out of the bag, and may have been for at least two months before any proactive action was taken by any government organization in the U.S.

   Governments never let a good disaster go to waste, whether it’s a terrorist attack, natural event or a viral outbreak.  Corralling a society taught to be defenseless victims is good for the authoritarian government business model and people who are afraid, unhealthy and ill-prepared to take care of themselves will always become victims of a burdensome, inefficient, yet incessantly powerful and impersonal government bureaucratic system that seeks to justify its position in society - and its nearly limitless budget from taxpayer money - by offering itself up as the solution to all man’s problems.  Indeed, in a recent press release from U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ office, she stated that Congress was “working on legislation to combat the coronavirus.”  Senator Collins perhaps needs to be reminded that viruses don’t respond to legislation from politicians; that legislation can only be imposed on people and it’s always been the goal of government to control, manage and exploit the masses for profit and gain using legislation and fear coupled to an intimidated, uncertain and politically acquiescent populace to those ends.

      What’s been lost in the noise is the fact that a coronavirus is a type, or classification, of virus to which the common cold belongs.  The current coronavirus is essentially a type of cold virus, only more severe, but there are many more viruses out there that are much more deadly and devastating.

   “The coronavirus is essentially a cold virus.  While some people have died from it, they are generally those who have poor, or compromised immune systems and are in overall bad health,” said a local Aroostook County doctor, speaking on conditions of anonymity.  “Those types of people may also have suffered the same fate catching a common cold or flu virus.”

   The reaction to coronavirus can be more aptly called an overreaction.  There have been several “presumptive” diagnoses of coronavirus in Maine - though most have yet to be 100 percent confirmed - yet nobody in the State has actually died from it at this point; and certainly not at numbers any greater than the side-effects of a really bad cold, or flu season.  Thus far, there have been more deaths in Maine due to snowmobile accidents than the COVID-19 coronavirus.

   That toilet paper would have been the catalyst for consumer panic at the supermarkets and grocery stores is certainly intriguing, if not outright suspect, since toilet paper has nothing to do with the combat or prevention of viruses in general, or the recent coronavirus in particular. 

   It seems social media is to blame yet again for distributing false rumors about toilet paper shortages.  Several fistfights over toilet paper have been reported in the U.S. and even an armed robbery of toilet paper in Hong Kong. 

   Toilet paper manufacturers assure the public there is no manufacturing shortage of toilet paper; the problem is in distribution as thousands of people attempt to each purchase several months worth of supply all at once.

   In the post-toilet paper collapse debacle in Northern Maine, it is also telling that consumers were hoarding food like white flour, pastas and meat and poultry while leaving those foods that actually can help their body fight off viral infections literally untouched - foods such as fresh fruits, juices and vegetables.  Vitamin C supplements, which also help the body ward off infections - also received scant attention from panicked consumers as they were being herded like sheep by the barking dogs in the mainstream media - an industry that receives a large portion of its funding from the advertising revenue of multi-national pharmaceutical companies who stand to make windfall profits from this hyped-up coronavirus scare.

   A report from a peer-reviewed medical journal, recently highlighted the historical use of large doses of Vitamin C as a key element in fighting viral infections.   While the Fort Fairfield Journal did publish these findings (FFJ March 11, 2020, p. 1) none of the other media outlets in the area seem interested in highlighting  health and nutrition options to help the body ward off infections.  Rather, they continually focus on fear, panic, uncertainty and faith in government largess in order to gain viewers or clicks on their websites.

   About 81% of people who are infected with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, according to a study published on February 18 by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. About 13.8% report severe illness, meaning they have shortness of breath, or require supplemental oxygen, and about 4.7% are critical, meaning they face respiratory failure, multi-organ failure or septic shock. The data thus far suggests that only around 2.3% of people infected with COVID-19 die from the virus.  People who are older or have underlying health conditions seem to be most at risk of having severe symptoms.

  A report on The National Sentinel points out, “our public officials seem to be patently overreacting to a virus that has so far had such a limited spread and death rate as to be little more than a public health blip in normal times.”

   Society as a whole has been too hyped up and strung out with social- and mainstream- media to be objective on what will probably end up being essentially a non-event.  Canceling the entirety of western society indefinitely isn't going to stop people from catching a cold, flu, coronavirus, etc.  After all, we can't all stay home forever.


For more information on how the government is misreading the data in order to foment societal unrest and a potentially manufactured economic collapse, refer to the research at this article.